Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Kings of the Con (A Black Unicorn Press Short Story)

So…apparently some kind of award show aired tonight. LOL

I ended up watching Doctor Who and The Walking Dead. Can't beat a time travel and zombie combo. Watching classic Who…wow…takes me back to my childhood. And no…I'm not even fifty yet, but I remember watching Doctor Who with my dad on our local PBS station. It's been fun revisiting some of those episodes. J

Tonight's snippet preview comes from the Black Unicorn 'verse. Set at a convention, we get a little glimpse into one of the more fun aspects of what Brian and Lucy do. Although…creating a comic can't be boring, so yeah…take that as you will. :D

The standard tagline for Black Unicorn:

Brian Wells and Lucy Sanderson are the creative duo behind the rising success of Black Unicorn Comics. Surrounded by a close knit group of co-workers they have fun and crazy adventures, keeping their relationship burning hot in spite of it.  

And here's a tag for Kings of the Con:

Brian Wells smells a rat when Lucy's brother Linus starts thinking he's not appreciated at Black Unicorn. He devises a plan to get to the bottom of Els's sudden turn about, but…Lucy's not going to like it.

Here's the snippety peek…

Brian almost made it to Lucy before the fans started pouring out of the room. He jerked his thumb toward the food court and changed his path when she nodded. Once Randy arrived, she'd join him for lunch.
After ordering, he found Zapf sitting at table by himself. Brian plopped down and heaved a sigh.
Zapf finished chewing a mouthful of food and shook his head. "Man, you've got a seriously unhappy face right now. What's up?"
Brian unloaded. "You know how Lucy's biggest fear is Chelle finding a way to hurt Els?" Zapf nodded and Brian continued. "It's not unfounded."
Zapf got a nasty gleam in his eyes and leaned back in his seat. "Dude, I knew it. Luce is rarely wrong. You better spill as soon as she gets here, but know this, no one is gonna let Miss Stiletto Heels get her hooks far enough into Els to do damage." Statement made, he picked up his sandwich and took another huge bite.
Bolstered by the support, Brian did the same, spying Lucy take a place in line to get food. His loosely formed plan took shape in his head and by the time she got her order and joined them, he had everything worked out. Lucy would hate it, but she'd go along. Anything for her brother. And he could count on Zapf to back him up.
 Lucy joined them, taking an empty chair at the table facing Brian. "Okay, panel update can wait. What's going on?"
Zapf chuckled and shook his head, but held silent. Lucy quirked a brow then met Brian's gaze.
He put his sandwich down. "How do you do that?" He grabbed his drink and took a long draw on the straw.
Lucy shrugged. "You have that 'I just ate something really nasty and want to puke' look on your face. Something went down and I'm not gonna like it, right?"
Brian blinked and blew out a sigh. "Your brain scares me."
Zapf jumped in. "I know, right? I tell her that every day." He leaned forward. "Seriously, Brian. Fill us in so we can help."
Brian repeated the conversation he had with Els. While Lucy picked at her food, he outlined his plan to get to the bottom of Chelle's machinations. Other than hissing out a harsh breath, Lucy didn't object to anything. A very good sign. But he needed to be sure.
He grabbed her hand, lacing their fingers together. "You gonna be okay with this?"
She shoved her tray away and snorted. "Hell, no. But I'll deal." Her fingers drummed on the table. "Chelle's ego will let you get her right where you want her, but if she won't cough up answers, all bets are off." Her gaze went hard. "I hope you guys have some extra cash if I need bailed out of jail."
Zapf tossed his napkin on the tray and stood up. "Babes, I won't let you do anything stupid." He shot Brian a commiserating glance. "Dude, don't forget to shower after you talk to Miss Prissy Pants." He dug around in his pocket and pulled out his wallet. "Me? I'm gonna need some extra sustenance to keep the visual images outta my head."  He shuddered then turned toward Lucy. "Can you hold down the fort for a bit?"
Lucy nodded. "Yeah, Z. I think I can manage."
Brian leaned in close to Lucy after Zapf got back in line for food. "Are you really gonna be okay with this, Luce?" His hand cupped her face. "Because if you aren't…" He let his voice trail off, he truly couldn't think of a quicker way to get information from Chelle.
Lucy leaned into his palm. "I'm so not okay it's not funny, but…Els is the priority. Find out why she's trying to make him think Reg doesn't give a shit about him." Sitting back, she blew out a breath then grabbed her drink and rose from her seat. "I'm heading back to the booth. I'll be there when you've got the whole story." She started off, but stopped and turned back. "I trust you to get to the bottom of everything and promise to behave even if you don't." Her lips twisted in a smirk. "But it might take you and Zapf to keep me from doing bodily harm if she keeps it up."
Brian nodded. He didn't say anything, his mind already going over Chelle's schedule for the day. He had about ten minutes to find what he needed to pull everything off. Grabbing his tray, he stood up and dumped the contents in the closest trash bin then headed for the administrative hub of the convention center.
The sooner he found out what the hell Chelle had planned for Els, the sooner he and Lucy could really enjoy the con season.

Yeah, Chelle's in for a very big surprise in the near future. And hey…pray Brian gets the info, because no one wants to see Lucy go nuclear on Chelle.

Or do they? LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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