Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Anything Goes

Okay, Walking Dead has been great the last two weeks. This makes me very happy!

Now I'm rewatching all the eps of Arrow. I seriously love the show!!

But…a post needs to be made!

Tonight's blog is about another fairly new manuscript still in its infancy stage. Working out all the kinks and getting the story points all set is one of my favorite things to do. Anything Goes got its start with a two word prompt from one of my writing communities. I LOVE prompts. Really helps get the creativity flowing.

Here's the tagline:

On the eve of Olivia Barton and Luke Johnston's wedding, their friends and co-workers at the twelfth precinct throw a rehearsal 'roast' for the couple. Their unconventional courtship is chronicled for everyone to enjoy and none of the names are changed to protect anybody.

And here's the snippety peek…

John Layman tapped on the crystal goblet and called for everyone's attention. "All right, boys and girls, we all know why we're here, so let's hear it for Luke and Olivia." He started a round of applause and loud cheers soon followed.
Olivia Barton entered the executive lounge on Luke Johnston's arm, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Luke's best friend would have something hugely embarrassing planned. It wouldn't be one of his shindigs if he didn't. The man insisted on throwing a celebratory party a week before their wedding and Olivia couldn't say no. John had planned the entire matrimonial affair because Olivia didn't have the time or patience to deal with the details. The concept it would blow up in her face hit her just after she said 'go for it'. She had no idea what John had planned and according to Luke, he didn't either.
Luke nudged her with his shoulder. "I can kill him now and we can run, if you want."
Olivia barked out laugh. Leave it to Luke know what her thoughts were. Hadn't always been that way, but he could read her like a book now.
She shook her head. "Nah. Let's see what Mr Mojo has up his sleeve. I wanna know why he demanded we get dressed up when we wanted something super casual."
Luke's hand slid down and grasped hers and he led them around the long string of tables to the dais area where a smaller, more intimate set-up had been placed with three chairs surrounding a round tabletop.
Luke squeezed her fingers. "You know he hates that nickname." He draped an arm around her shoulders. "You should use it more often."
Olivia grinned and stepped up onto the dais. "I just might, depending on what he pulls tonight." She moved to stand beside John. "Okay, John. We're here. What's on the menu for the evening?"
John turned and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Something you're either going to love, or hate with an intense passion." He faced the gathering of their friends again. "All right. We have the happy couple held captive, so let's get on with the festivities." John dropped his arm and moved to stand between Luke and Olivia. "With the big day scheduled for next Saturday, I thought it would be a roaring good time if we all got together and shared our most interesting…and possibly insane…stories about how our two crazy kids got together."
John stepped back and wrapped one arm around Luke, the other around Olivia. "Without further ado…welcome to Luke and Olivia's Matrimonial Roast!" Ducking backwards, John dashed for the podium, dimmed the lights, and directed the spot to shine and capture Luke and Olivia.
A roar of laughter and applause sounded throughout the executive lounge. Olivia seriously considered making a run for it, but Luke shrugged, snagged her hand, and pulled out a chair. She plopped down and scooted close to his side. If she had to endure a retelling of their unconventional romance, she'd damned well need his support.
But looking out over the room, filled with their closest friends and colleagues, she decided it couldn't be all bad. Unless… John prompted everyone with which stories to tell.
And he would. The shit.
Olivia leaned in, nuzzling close to Luke's ear. "If I kill him, you'll help me hide the body, right?"

I think I'll leave Luke's response for when I get this one published. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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