Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Going Native

June 9, 2013


Had a very busy weekend editing and writing, and also working the day job. I also got the cover art for my July 6 release…expect a post this week with the reveal. :D YAY!!

Tonight's post is from Going Native, a short story about guy who finds what he wants in a most unexpected location. :D

Here's the tagline:

Workaholic Adam Beaubier is vacationing with his girlfriend. It's a last ditch effort to make their relationship work and it turns into an epic failure. Adam decides going native might be just the thing he needs and Zerrin Kord, a helicopter tour pilot, will make an excellent guide.

And here's the snippety peek…

"He's not gonna show."
The inky dawn didn't dispel the balmy wind, blowing in off the ocean. Zerri sat in her chopper, drinking the strongest coffee on the island, brewed especially for her. A second cup rested in the seat next to her. The sun peeked up from the horizon and Zerri sighed. She should've known the hot lawyer wouldn't break from his stodgy mold.
"I told you, Dad."
She drained her cup and grabbed the second one, lifting the lid and tossing it in the trash bin. Bringing the cup to her mouth, she blew across the top, pushing the steam away. Her eyes widened. Okay, maybe she'd been wrong. She leaned out the door, making sure she hadn't imagined him. Nope. Adam stood on the edge of the beach, still in last night's suit, the jacket slung over his shoulder and his shirt sleeves rolled up.
She swung out of the pilot's seat and made her way to his side, handing the hot coffee over. Adam took a long gulp and smiled.
Zerri's lips turned up. "Looked like you could use it."
Adam nodded. "Yeah, been up all night." His tone sounded weary.
Zerri slid her gaze sideways. "Doesn't look like for fun."
Adam sighed. "No, not fun. But necessary." He turned and started toward the chopper.
Zerri scrambled and fell into step beside him, staying silent.
Adam reached the nose of the copter and turned. "I abhor break up scenes and Gina thrives on them. Spent the last eight hours listing all the reasons we'd never work and she countered each one."
Zerri nodded, but said nothing.
"Except the last one. She couldn't find an argument for that one." Adam's lips quirked.
Zerri lifted a brow. "Sounds like she should have been the legal eagle."
Adam chuckled. "You make a good point."
Zerri had to know. "What finally shut her down?"
Adam huffed out a breath and met her gaze. "A hot blonde who flies helicopters for a living."
Zerri laughed long and loud. "Oh, my God. You didn't really say that, did you?"
Adam shrugged.
Zerri sobered. "Holy shit. You did." She cocked her head. "What did she do?"
Adam leaned against the bird. "Stomped around the suite, threw her clothes in a suitcase, and asked me to drive her to the airport." He took another gulp of the coffee. "I just got back."
Zerri grabbed the cup from his hands. "Wow. What's your next move?"
Adam met her gaze. "First, I have a date with this really incredible woman, if she doesn't mind getting started a little late."
Zerri raised the tumbler to her lips and drank before answering. "I think she might be okay with that."
Adam grasped her hips and tugged her forward. "You just made my day." His voice dropped low. "And if you give me time to grab a shower, change, and call in to my firm, you might just make my entire week."
A whole week? The thought didn't make her stomach turn. In fact, it made her go hot with desire.
"You really wanna spend more time with me?" When did her voice go raspy? "What about your work?"
Adam nodded. "I've earned a break. And a day isn't gonna be enough to do the thorough exploration I have in mind."
Zerri shuddered. "God, yes." She leaned forward and snagged his mouth with hers.
The kiss turned heated and before she realized it, she had Adam's shirt unbuttoned and her hands made contact with the smooth, solid surface of his chest. She loved the feel of his skin, the play of muscle under her fingertips. The urge to go lower and work his belt loose hit her hard.
Adam cupped her face, breaking the kiss, and easing back. "Uh, not that I want to stop, but unless you want to put on a public show, we kind of have to."
Zerri chuckled. "Um, yeah. You're right." She turned and laced her fingers with his. "My place is two blocks over… closer than your hotel. We can have your stuff sent over."
Adam swept his arm outward. "Lead the way. Maybe we can take that predawn tour tomorrow?"
Zerri's lips curved. "Depends on how much sleep we get after your thorough exploration."
Adam laughed. "Have I mentioned I love the way you think?" He tilted his head and gazed in her direction.
Exactly the way she wanted a man to look at her.
A warm sense of rightness settled over Zerri. "Not yet. But keep talking, counselor, I'll let you know if you start repeating yourself."
Adam let go of her hand and slid an arm around her waist. "Let's begin the adventure, then."
Zerri started toward her small bungalow, looking forward to whatever happened next.

I always find 'change in the wind' stories fun to read and write. This is a little challenging, but so far Zerri is keeping me on the right track. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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