Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Snippet: The Cabin


Well, my week in television ended up being pretty damned awesome. Seriously, the Walking Dead kind of caught me off guard, but gotta give it to Rick. When he steps up, he sorta goes full tilt and gets it done. Not sure how I feel about the parting of ways, but I'm leaning towards it being a good thing.

Thoroughly enjoyed Castle, which is a nice change since I've been kind of 'meh' about this season. I love getting to see Rick and Kate together—that kind of never happens and it pisses me off—but the storylines either underwhelmed or made me scratch my head. Sons of Anarchy continues to rip the scabs off old wounds. I love having my smart Jax back. He's always at his best when he's not reacting to and working through shit like watching his best friend die. Very interested to see what side Tara's actions have him landing on. My hope is he'll stay smart, get the Irish out of the way, deal with the DA, and then let the emotional fallout hit. And good Christ, stay away from Gemma so she can't throw gasoline on the fire. *shakes head*

Arrow and The Tomorrow People just make my Wednesday the best day of the week. I can't say enough about Arrow at the moment, and anything I would say would contain spoilers, so *zips lips*. Haven twisted everything sideways again, but hit on a theory I had from the first episode. I kind of can't wait to see how the new wrinkle plays into the mythology. I have more thinky thoughts, but again… spoilers. LOL

So, that's my week in TV. Maybe I should get to the actual post, right? Tonight's snippet is from The Cabin, a novella with one of my favorite tropes—sibling rivalry. This time the brothers don't want the same girl, but they almost let her come between them.

Here's the tagline:

Whip meets the woman of his dreams when tries to convince Kari to give his brother another shot at her art class. But when she can't accommodate the request, Whip still wants to pursue a relationship… until his brother tries to get in the way and Kari decides she won't come between them.

And the snippety peek…

Kari made the trek up the mountain and made her way from the drive around to the back of the cabin, following the heavy thudding sound. She found Whip—stripped of his shirt—chopping wood and stopped to admire his raw masculinity. Instead of announcing her presence, she watched the corded muscles of his arms and back work to split log after log. When he paused to wipe the sweat from his face, he caught sight of her standing at the edge of the porch. He lifted a brow. Instead of flushing with guilt, she boldly met his gaze and strode forward, stopping to stand toe to toe with Whip. She reached up, cupping his face and leaned in to capture his lips with hers. He tasted like hickory and sunshine. The kiss dragged out and Kari didn't care when Whip grabbed her hips, bringing her flush against his chest. She'd missed him, more than she wanted to admit.

Kari finally gives up her losing battle against wanting Whip… and he's going to be very happy.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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