Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Camden General


Another great TV week. The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who truly made my entire week. Sooooo nice to watch a show I love on BBC America and not get stuck with ninety-seven episodes of some Gordon Ramsay show and/or Top Gear. Don't get me wrong, both shows are okay, I'm just really tired of how often they're on during the day. The BBC has a HUGE library and I used to love watching all the various offerings before the network got overrun with a chef and three car enthusiasts. *sigh*

Anyway, Arrow delivered and provided several off the charts levels of awesome. Seriously, I live for Wednesdays. Let's see, Sons of Anarchy brought some good stuff to the table. Sometimes I think if certain people would shut up and other certain folks would sit down and have an actual conversation, things might go a whole lot easier. I may have a nice, long post on my TV blog—which rarely gets used—once the season is over.

I could go on but since it seems like next week is hiatus for the Turkey Day holiday, I'll save some reactions for that post.

Tonight's snippet is from Camden General—a working title because I can't think of anything else at the moment—and will probably stay in short erotic territory. The sages are keeping mum at the moment.

Here's the tagline:

Jayden and Whit, two of Camden General's best emergency department staff, come together after losing a patient. Trying to navigate the fallout becomes even more difficult when their one time hook-up turns into a very personal relationship.

And a snippety peek…

Whit finished the patient notes and finally let reaction set in. He'd left the streets to do more with victims, yet his first day on the job with a mega trauma and the lady didn't make it. He wanted five minutes to wrap his head around the death then he'd move on. He ducked into the first assessment room and let the door swing shut. Leaning against the cool surface, he let his eye adjust to the dark space.
A sniffle caught his attention and he straightened, ready to back out of the room. "Uh, sorry. Didn't know anyone was in here." He cracked the door open to exit.
Jayden's hand shot out, halting his progress. She rose up from the stool and backed him into the slab of wood, shutting out the rest of the hospital. Her mouth slammed over his, her lips mashing his against his teeth.
Whit responded, wrapping an arm around the doctor, hauling her close. A little surprised, he hadn't pegged her as being one for emotion. She'd been damned cool during the fight to save their victim's life. But his respect kicked up a notch when he felt her tears against his cheek.
Jayden eased away long enough to issue a request. "Door."
She didn't have to ask twice, or explain. Completely in tune, Whit flipped the lock, open to whatever she had in mind.
Jayden grabbed the front of his scrubs, tugging him forward. "Bed." Her lips burned a hot trail along his jaw.
Okay, he could get on board with the suggestion. His hands slid up under her shirt, skimming her ribs and he guided her back, inching closer to the bed. Her butt hit the mattress and she stopped, her fingers working the drawstring of his pants loose. Whit slipped his palm lower and found an elastic waistband—easy to work with—and thanked the universe. The doc didn't seem interested in finesse.
She shoved his pants down and grasped his erection, her mouth working over his throat. Whit pushed her scrubs down and cupped her ass, urging her to sit on the bed. She scrambled up, keeping hold of his cock, firmly tugging. Whit grabbed his shirt and yanked it over his head. He moved forward, his hand sliding between her thighs, nudging them apart. She leaned back and he followed, finally able to tease and taste her. His lips ghosted over her tummy, his fingers inching under the hemline, trailing a path upward to cup a breast through her lacy bra.
Jayden moaned and bucked her hips. "Now." Her legs wrapped around him, hauling him close.
Whit aimed to please, guiding his shaft to her heated core. He worked the tip along her folds, getting slick to ease the way. Jayden hissed out a breath and writhed against him. Not a patient woman. Whit didn't keep her waiting, thrusting hard and going deep.
Jayden groaned low in her throat. "God, feels good." In the dim light, her gaze met his. "I need to feel good."
Whit braced an arm above her shoulder and dragged his other hand between them, using his fingers to stimulate her clit. "I know, Doc. I'll make it better than good." He pumped his hips, building friction.
Her eyes slid closed and she relaxed, almost like melting into the sex. Whit had no clue if she even knew his name and didn't care. He'd be happy to handle introductions later. The feel of her gripping his dick and grinding against his groin chased every thought but giving her a mind-blowing orgasm away.
Sorry to leave it there, but feel free to imagine what happens next. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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