Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Busted in Bubbles #MFRWHook

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Welcome to Book Hooks, the weekly smorgasbord sampler hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog.

Readers: get hooked and reel in some great books. Authors are sharing short excerpts from their work. Please enjoy and consider picking up the full book by clicking on the buy link.

Today I'll be sharing a glimpse of Boyfriend's Brother, my brand new release from Silver Publishing.

Tagline: Is there anything hotter than a man in a tub full of bubbles? Emsley Bourne wants to find out.


"Someone has to keep you on your toes, Ems. The whole short sheeting of my bed is fun and all, but come on… it's been a year." He leaned forward a little, his mouth hovering an inch from hers. "I think it's time to play something else, don't you?"
Emsley fought back a shudder. God, his voice sounded like good Scotch. Smooth, with just a touch of bite to it.
Her tongue flicked out, wetting her lower lip. "Something more grown up maybe?" She straddled his thighs and scooted forward until her hips were flush with his groin, his thick erection pressing against her. "I could go for that… if you're really game."
Rayne moved fast, capturing her lips in a very hot kiss. Emsley groaned low in her throat and gave herself over to the onslaught of sensory overload. His tongue swept inside her mouth and she responded, wrapping her arms around him, one hand traveling up to the back of his head, her fingers raking through his dark hair. The other slid down his back, drawing him closer. She wanted to feel his skin against hers. Craved the contact like an addict.
A first for her. She rarely felt a consuming need for sex. Then again, she'd had a thing for Rayne since the day they bumped into each other at his first conference three years ago. She'd gotten to know him, not well, but enough to know he found her attractive.



Tagline: Is there anything better than a bath time romp with a hot man? Emsley Bourne wants to find out.

Blurb: Rayne searches for the perfect woman to complement his business and his life. Emsley Bourne fits the bill.

Emsley lives for the next thrill, whether in business or life. When she keeps running into Rayne McKinnon, she looks no further.




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  1. Well, hello. Nice and steamy hook you got there.

    1. Oh dear, I almost missed this comment. Apologies for the late response.

      I'm so glad you enjoyed the hook!