Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Monumental Headache

Whoa. Awesome week of television. Defiance is back on Syfy and what a great opening episode for season two. I won't get into spoilers, but I'm excited about where things are going. Dominion also premiered and I enjoyed watching. I'm hoping we get less exposition as the season progresses, but I'm always down for a good set-up in the first episode. J

Orphan Black. Finale didn't disappoint and once again, twists and turns I totally didn't expect. One of the biggest reasons I love this show so much is it never quite goes where I think it will. I was thrilled to have some additional information and background for Paul—even if it makes him even more mysterious. Putting my Cosima hat on for a moment, this show is like a fractal pattern, every layer that's revealed turns around on itself and spawns into something else. I'm sure I butchered the science angle, but… just watch the show to see what I mean. :D

Tonight's post is from Monumental Headache, a contemporary novella with lots of sexy humor.

Here's the tagline:

Cadee Walsh has a high stress job and needs to blow off steam. She spends the night with Worth Pettigrew, recharging from the incredible sex. Imagine her mortification when she finds out he's her new boss.

And a snippety peek…

"Oh, screw you." Cadee tossed her pen across the table. "I'm sick to death of you being in my face and on my ass. If you're not okay with how I'm doing things, fire me. I could use the break from your shit."
The entire conference room went silent. Worth tilted his head to the side and studied her a moment. Then he straightened and lifted a brow. "Are you through?"
Cadee shrugged. "I don't know. I think so." She sank down onto the nearest chair.
Worth nodded, barely keeping his lips from twitching. "Feel better?" He crossed his arms in front of his chest.
Cadee's shoulders slumped. "Not really. Thought it would feel good to vent, but it just gave me a monumental headache." She rubbed her temples, trying to ease the tension.
Worth snorted. "Welcome to my world, Cadee. You'll get used to the constant pain." He jerked his head, dismissing the group for the afternoon.
Cadee laughed. She shouldn't, didn't want to, but God, she'd totally walked into that one. And for once, it felt damned good.
Leaning back in the seat, she glanced up to meet Worth's gaze. "Look, I'm sorry. You pushed every right button today." She shrugged. "Not a great reason to go off on you though."
Worth dropped down onto the chair across from her. "No, it wasn't." He held up a hand when she opened her mouth to argue. "But I get it. It's been a shit week and I have been riding you hard." He picked her discarded pen and tilted it back and forth in his fingers. "Matt knows who I spent my first night in town with and accused me of playing favorites."
Cadee sat up and leaned forward. "Wait, what? How did he find out?" Dammit. She hadn't breathed a word to anyone.
So far, this has been really fun to write. I'm hoping the humor keeps coming. *side eyes the sages*

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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