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Get Hooked: Reel in a Great Book—Busted in Bubbles #MFRWAuthors #MFRWHooks

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Welcome to Book Hooks, the weekly smorgasbord sampler hosted by the MFRW Authors Blog.

Readers: get hooked and reel in some great books. Authors are sharing short excerpts from their work. Please enjoy and consider picking up the full book by clicking on the buy link.

I'm revisiting one of my first releases, Busted in Bubbles, a sexy little short story designed to be a hot, quick read. I'll be posting a series of pivotal scenes over the next couple of weeks. Please enjoy!

Today's post features Rayne, my hero.

Book Tagline: Is there anything better than a bath time romp with a hot man? Emsley Bourne wants to find out.


The tradeshow paid off! Right on schedule.
Rayne McKinnon shook hands with Jorn Pestle, sealing the most lucrative security-consulting job he'd ever landed. "I'll have preliminary recommendations to you by Tuesday."
Pestle smiled. "Now, Rayne, there's no rush. And with the amount I just agreed to pay, you should be able to kick back and skate for at least a week. Don't you ever take any downtime?"
Rayne chuckled. "Staying on my toes is the entire reason I sold you on my services."
Jorn nodded. "True, true. But at least take the night and do something fun."
Rayne agreed. He had a plan to celebrate already in place. Nothing Jorn would probably find enjoyable, but Rayne didn't particularly care. If tradition held firm, he had the potential to do something way more than fun.
Heading out of the main lodge's executive lounge, he dropped by the concierge to place a quick order for room service, to be delivered in about an hour. He needed to make a few strategic stops before he made his way to the private cabin tucked back in a dense copse of tall pines.
Wandering around the vendor area, he spied the booth he'd been seeking. He'd been too busy meeting with potential clients to get into the sales room before now. Making a quick perusal, he didn't see the person he wanted, but oh, he heard her. Her loud peal of laughter preceded her when she exited from the private transaction space curtained off from the rest of the booth. The enthusiastic handshake with her buyer indicated she'd made a big sale.

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Book Blurb: Rayne McKinnon sells a lucrative security-consulting job and it's time to move on to his next objective: adding a partner. He wants Emsley Bourne, personally and professionally, and puts a plan in motion to achieve his goal. She only has to follow through with her usual tradition.

Emsley lives for the next thrill, in business and life. She's got a unique skill set and uses it to gain access to Rayne's cabin to follow through on her standard short-sheeting escapade. Imagine her surprise when she discovers Rayne soaking in a tub full of bubbles. Busted, she can either flee the scene—or join Rayne for some bath time fun.


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