Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Surf's Up

November 23, 2014

Gotta take a moment and give it up to the entire cast of Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam and Jimmy Smits made me cry. Seriously. And if memory serves, there's no episode for Thanksgiving week, so I may have to watch the last one at least one more time.

Also, Arrow and The Flash are meeting up and crossing over. Cannot wait! Both shows are really bringing it and I couldn't be happier. Agents of SHIELD is also getting even better and Sleepy Hollow is holding on. I kind of miss the batshit freak of the week stuff and cross my fingers we'll see some more of that in the near future.

I'm kind of hoping to see some holiday themed episodes from some of my fave shows. If nothing pops up, at least I'll have Doctor Who and I can always watch holiday eps from shows gone by.

Enough TV, tonight's post is from, Surf's Up, a novella with sun, sand, and adventure. Oh… and a little romance.

Here's the tagline:

Marla Siff and Farley Osbourne protect a wealthy businessman as part of his entourage. People assume tech geek Farley is the muscle, but Marla is the combat trained protective detail. When a threat looms, they retreat to the private shores of their client's own island and Marla and Farley fight their attraction to keep their boss safe.

And a snippety peek…

Marla waited, impatient, for Farley to arrive. Wait. Maybe not. What if he'd opted for those tiny speedo-style trunks? She'd die. And fail to do her job. Because all Farley's prime flesh in a little piece of material would distract the hell out of her.
He knocked twice and entered the room… wearing khaki and teal board shorts. Marla breathed a sigh of relief. Farley shot her an odd look.
She chuckled. "Thank you." Grabbing her bag, shades, and towel, she headed toward the sliding doors.
Farley's eyes narrowed. "Why are you thanking me?" He flung his towel over his shoulder and followed her to the patio.
Marla grinned. "For not wearing some super-small trunks. I'd be hard pressed to keep my mind on work if I had to fight off the throng of women who'd flock to your side." Her eyes scanned the beach, checking for anything out of the ordinary.
Farley laughed. "Should I take that as a compliment?" He paused by her side, waiting for her to give the go ahead.
Marla shifted her gaze sideways. "Absolutely. And the board shorts make your butt look great, by the way."
Farley rolled his eyes. "And if said the tankini you're rocking made your ass look good, you'd slug me, right?"
Marla shrugged. "Today? Nah. You get a free pass." She stepped out onto the main path and turned toward their employer's bungalow.
Farley nodded. "In that case, I love the way your suit makes your—"
Marla jabbed a finger under his ribs. "Don't push it, Farley." But she ruined the threat when she couldn't quite keep her lips from turning up into a wide smile.
Another fun one. I hope to get back to it after I finish up a few more almost there manuscripts.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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