Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Voices Carry

Well, hello, March. Thank you for dumping like seven inches of snow on me. :D

Seriously, I have to remember I was wearing flip flops and shorts in October so I don't get all crazy about having snow in March. LOL

Some great TV this week. I'm rather sad I have to wait almost a whole month for new The Flash and Arrow episodes. Oh well, teaches me the value of patience, right? Banshee and Bitten had great episodes. So happy for a satisfying end to one of the characters on Banshee, which tied in nicely with the satisfying end to one of the characters on Bitten last week. Yes, I have a bloodthirsty streak sometimes. :D

To counter the death toll, let's see if The Walking Dead manages to keep everyone alive again this week. LOL

Tonight's post is from Voices Carry, a novella with some suspenseful twists and turns.

Here's the tagline:

Summer Blaine is a struggling artist who always listens to Detective Fitch Falconer's tales of triumphs and woes when he drops by the diner she works in to make ends meet. When she gets a chance to display her art, she invites Fitch to the gallery to see her true passion. Unfortunately, a ghost from her past tries to get in the way and it's up to Fitch to keep find out who wants her dead.

And a snippety peek…

Detective Fitch Falconer headed down the back steps of the precinct house, ready to call his day over and done. He hit the cracked, tiled floor at the bottom of the stairs and started for the exit. A shrill whistle stopped him in his tracks. His ingrained response to Commissioner Paul Graydon's attention getter never failed to give Fitch pause, especially since hadn't been doing anything to get in trouble, unlike his teenage years when Graydon first used the high pitched signal. Sometimes working for his godfather sucked balls.
Graydon slapped Fitch on the back. "Fitch, my boy, the wife is very excited about that new artist you mentioned at dinner last month." The superior officer shoved the door open and held it for Fitch.
He ducked through with a smile. "Sounds like I'm back in her good graces then. She didn't appreciate my quick refusal to take her newest assistant out on the town." Laura Graydon wanted to see Fitch happily settled with a nice woman who would take care of him.
Fitch didn't want a nice woman to do his bidding. He wanted an equal. Someone to share the ups and downs of life—the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Right now, he had a great friend whose talent needed an outlet, a nurturing hand to direct the way. Fitch hoped Laura's influence would lay the groundwork for a career boosting nudge.
Commissioner Graydon chuckled. "You never fall very far, you know that." He nodded toward the east intersection. "You headed over to the Red Shoe?"
Fitch grinned. "Absolutely. Almost every night." He started toward the end of the block.
Graydon called out. "Decompress, Fitch. We'll crack the case soon."
Fitch raised a hand. The reminder of the triple homicide growing colder by the day gave him heartburn. He crossed the street and turned left, strolling along the sidewalk. For five blessed minutes he'd forgotten about the families counting on him to bring them justice.
Decompress. Right. Stopping in front of the Red Shoe Diner, Fitch heaved a sigh. No way in hell.
But at least he could have a good meal and some terrific company for an hour or two.
I'm having fun with this one. It's got a little bit of a darker thread going through, but still has lots of humor.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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