Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Anything Goes

Happy Father's Day to all the terrific dads out there.

This week in TV? Gotta talk about the Orphan Black finale. Holy crap. I swear, every time I think I've got everything figured out the curve ball smacks me in the face again. I LOVE this show.

Killjoys ended up being better than I thought. Definitely happy to add it to my Friday night lineup. Defiance is dark this season and I like it, a lot. Dark Matter followed its premiere with another great episode so I'm in. So happy to have good TV on Friday nights again.

Strike Back's episode provided the high octane adventure I crave. I will say I sincerely hope Mei gets her richly deserved reward in the very near future. Please and thank you.

Finished a few more episodes of Teen Wolf. Should be caught up in time for the premiere in the next week or so. Also started Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. What a kick ass show! Very much along the lines of The Murdoch Mysteries, which is one of my favorites. Looking forward to binge watching more soon.

The Last Ship premieres tonight! Can't wait to see what the crew gets into this season. Bring on the action.

Tonight's post is from Anything Goes, a novella featuring a rehearsal roast for the upcoming nuptials of my main characters.

Here's the tagline:

On the eve of Olivia Barton and Luke Johnston's wedding, their friends and co-workers at the twelfth precinct throw a rehearsal 'roast' for the couple. Their unconventional courtship is chronicled for everyone to enjoy and none of the names are changed to protect anybody.

And a snippety peek…

Luke bit back a laugh and grabbed Olivia's hand. "Don't I always have your back?" He squeezed her fingers. "But let John have his fun for now. You know he's dying to find his perfect person like I did."
Olivia rolled her eyes but didn't speak. She didn't have to say what she thought. Luke could practically see the words rolling around in her head. If John didn't meddle with everyone else, he might find his soul mate. Or… He's so damned busy fixing butting in he doesn't have time to be with someone else.
Luke didn't care what John threw their way. He and Olivia worked through their demons, how bad could John's little trip down memory lane be? Luke winced. Okay, it could be ugly. He and Liv had some less than stellar moments when they navigated the choppy waters to becoming a couple.
Shifting his position a little, Luke settled back ready for anything.
John slid his gaze their way and leaned toward the podium. "Without further ado, would Sergeant Teague come up and share the story of how Luke met Olivia." He stepped back and when Hiro Teague approached the dais, John made his way to the table, studiously avoiding Olivia's narrow-eyed look. He seated himself and took a long gulp of water.
The sergeant glanced in their direction then faced the rest of the group. "Well, now. This happens to be one of my favorite stories from the gun range…"
Luke's lips curved. If anyone would've told him he'd be getting hitched to the spitfire he met on the gun range, he'd have thought them crazy.
Gotta say, this one is so much fun. I'm having a total riot writing for these two.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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