Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Baring Skin

Wow, what a great week of television and binge watching!

The Last Ship rocked! I can't wait for tonight's episode. So far, I love how they're not dragging stuff out and moving the plot and characters forward. Keep that up, show. I can say the same about Defiance. Moving everything along, but keeping the focus tight is awesome. I'm pretty thrilled there was a dose of closure for Amanda this week and I'm so intrigued about what's really going on with Nolan and Irisa.

Killjoys and Dark Matter continue to have me hooked. I love the dynamic between Dutch and the brothers on Killjoys and Lucy rocks. Ships with personality make me happy. With Dark Matter, I'm interested to see what our loosely group crew gets into. Keep dishing out the clues, show. I like getting them.

Strike Back broke my heart… again. At this point, I'm pretty much prepped to loose everyone by the final episode. Seriously. LOL I figure if I assume they'll all be dead by the finale, I can't be disappointed. Just saying.

All caught up on Teen Wolf and ready for season five. Looking forward to seeing how this season goes. And my binge watch of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries continues. I'm so in love with this show. Glad I've got a few seasons to sink into.

That's it on the TV front. Tonight's post is from Baring Skin, a sexy short where a series of mishaps brings my couple together.

Here's the tagline:

Rachel Maddox and Jack Luthor work together and avoid acting on their attraction, until they catch each other in compromising positions. But when they do finally hook up they have to decide if they can maintain their professionalism on the job or start looking for a place to transfer.

And a snippety peek…

Jack stepped up into the back of the rig. "Holy shit. It looks like a bomb went off in here." He started the cleaning process, gloves protecting his hands from the worst of the debris.
Five hours into the shift and they'd had three back-to-back runs. Rachel only quirked a brow each time they logged in as available and got immediately sent out again. They rolled into Station Five ten minutes ago and she jumped out of the squad to hit the head.
He had a sneaking suspicion he'd find her shoving her face full of Sanjay's subs. Their coworker made kick-ass, monster sandwiches on his day to do chow. Jack's stomach rumbled and he picked up the pace, sweeping out the back of the rig and emptying the trash. He replaced their Sharps unit and put the used container in the designated spot for collection. Stretching out a few kinks in his neck, he swung back up into the ambulance and began a thorough wipe down. Lost in the work, he gave a startled jump when Rachel whistled from across the bay. He glanced up and she waved a sub back and forth.
Her eyebrows waggled. "Come and get it. I'll finish the cleanup." She turned to head back into the kitchen.
His lips quirked and he peeled off his gloves. Setting the disinfectant aside, he moved to crawl out of the rig when his shirt caught on a side clamp. The sound of tearing fabric filled the back of the unit and cool air filtered over his skin.
Rachel swung back around, her eyebrows shooting upward. "What? You had to ruin a uniform shirt today, too?" Shaking her head, she headed into the kitchen.
Jack sighed. He'd have to change before he ate. The way their luck had gone so far, he wouldn't get two bites down before they got another call. Making his way to the bunkroom, he grabbed another shirt and stripped off the damaged one.
Rachel rounded the corner of the sleeping area. "Yo, Jack. I grabbed an extra—" She stopped short, blinked, then spun around to face the corridor. "Damn, sorry. Warn a gal next time, will you?" Each hand had a sandwich, wrapped in plastic wrap.
Jack snorted. "Not like I knew you'd be popping in, Rach." He quickly shrugged into his fresh shirt. "Are those for me?" His fingers worked the buttons, closing the sides together.
She risked a glance over her shoulder. "Um, yeah. They're going fast." Easing into the bunkroom, she placed the food on the end of his rack. "I'll, uh, head out and finish cleaning the squad." Beating a hasty retreat, she exited back into the corridor.
Jack tilted his head to one side. What had her all twitchy? Okay, she'd walked in on him while shirtless, something of a no-no because she should've called out a warning, but geez, she'd seen him workout before. Of course, he usually wore a dri-fit tank, but yeah, her reaction had him puzzled.
Snagging the sandwiches, he left the bunkroom to find something to drink and hopefully fifteen minutes of downtime.

So far, this one is so much fun to write. Tension is an interesting thing, especially when weird things are the cause behind it.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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