Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Snippet: The Bedroom Chronicles

Happy Fireworks Day to my US readers. Happy weekend to my non-US readers.

So… Teen Wolf premiere, two nights of great viewing. The bad part? Now I have to wait for the next episode. I can't just hit 'next' anymore. Totally sucks. LOL

Another great episode of The Last Ship. I'm kind of intrigued with where they're going to take the story. The Irish-sounding guy grated, which I'm assuming he was supposed to, but yeah, what's all his blather about?

Defiance, as usual, rocks. I'm glad to visit the Nolan / Irisa origins a little more. With the potential for another war looming, their crap needs to be in order, right? Something tells me it won't be so easy. I'm also happy Killjoys and Dark Matter still have me interested. I'm a sucker for sibling rivalry, so the Jaqobis brothers are my catnip right now. Can't wait to see them go head to head and work out their issues. I'm rather enjoying the small, little breadcrumbs being dropped in Dark Matter. Makes me want to pay super close attention so I don't miss something crucial. J

I only have one more episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries to be caught up with the current season. Then it's off to find out if I can stream eps from Australia, because I love, love, love this show. :D

Tonight's post is from The Bedroom Chronicles, a novella where my main characters explore their wilder side and find something unexpected.

Here's the mini-blurb:

When Birk musters out of the military, he drops in on his best friend, Klint and his wife Elsie. They welcome Birk into their home and eventually their bed because Elsie can't think of anyone better than her husband's oldest friend to fulfill their deepest fantasy. But sometimes the best laid plans go awry and dealing with the fallout is a challenge.

And a snippety peek…

Elsie carried her glass of wine into the living room and Klint followed with two beers. He handed one to Birk then settled on the couch beside Elsie.
Birk took a long pull off his ale. "Ah. This is great." He glanced toward Elsie. "You're good for Klint. Normally, he'd make me get my own." He downed another gulp.
Elsie grinned. "Klint likes to say I smoothed off the bumpy edges, but I really didn't. I like him a little rough and tumble." She sipped her wine. "From what he's shared of you two growing up together, you're cut from the same cloth." She leaned into Klint and he draped his arm over her shoulder.
Birk chuckled. "Our moms had their work cut out, that's for sure." He grabbed a coaster and placed his bottle on the table. "I'm pretty sure they made a deal to work opposite shifts so Klint and I would never be alone together."
Klint snorted. "All because we tried to poison the apartment building when we attempted to make a kick ass science fair project." He glanced in Elsie's direction. "How were we supposed to know ammonia and bleach shouldn't be mixed together?"
Elsie's eyes widened. "Oh, my God." She bit back a laugh. "You're lucky to be alive. My parents would've skinned me alive if I'd done anything so insane." But she could picture a young Klint and Birk, playing mad scientist and having the situation get out of hand.
Klint shifted beside her. "If memory serves, we both had red asses for about a week afterward."
Birk grimaced. "Yep. His mom got us first, then my mom took a turn when she got home from the store." He snorted. "My ass stings just thinking about it."
The thought of their butts sent Elsie's temperature up a notch. As much as she enjoyed reminiscing, her eagerness to test the waters took center stage.
She shot Klint a sideways glance. He gave her a brief nod and laced their fingers together. Elsie loved him for the additional support.
She moved the discussion along. "Birk, Klint and I have a favor to ask, and please feel free to say no." She tilted her face toward her husband. "We won't blame you."
Birk reached for his beer and took another long drink. "Shoot. I'm happy to help out if I can." He held the long neck bottle between two fingers.
Klint cut in. "Wait until you hear the favor before you jump into making promises." His fingers squeezed Elsie's.
Elsie chuckled. "That's his way of saying it's super kinky." And another wave of heat rippled through her.
Birk perked up, almost dropping his beverage. "Kinky? I'm definitely listening." He set the glass container on the table and leaned closer.
In all honesty, the bulk of what I have so far with this story pretty much poured out of me, something of a rare occurrence, but a welcome one. Here's hoping the sages keep the words flowing.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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