Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Blatant Affair

July 26, 2015

Okay, I forgot to mention Strike Back last week. I seriously want the female antagonist to die a slow, painful death. It can happen anytime now. LOL

The Dread Doctors on Teen Wolf are creeping me out. Something tells me Peter is going to be involved, which is actually quite okay with me. He makes a good villain.

Defiance had a great episode. I really love the smaller personal beats paired with the big, somewhat sweeping arcs this season. Great stuff. Killjoys is heating up, too. Can't wait to see next week's episode. And Dark Matter did the impossible by adding a layer of emotional nuance to Three. I'm surprised and thrilled. LOL

The Last Ship took a turn I totally didn't expect and I love it. I enjoy how the new characters are being worked in without taking a lot away from the established ones. And, seriously, Tex rules. Just saying.

Tonight's post is from Blatant Affair, a novella where my main characters throw caution to the wind and do what they want.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Valley Cruz and Flynn Boatman fall for each other and don't hide their feelings. But when company policy dictates they can't be together, they'll start a blatant affair no matter the consequences.

And a snippety peek…

Valley Cruz stood behind the counter of the low-rent, no-tell motel, filing her nails. She cracked her gum and met the gaze of the man leaning on the gouged wood surface. Impatient, obnoxious, and oh, so hot with his military haircut, day old scruff, and raspy voice.
His gloved fist pounded hit the slab, sending dust and who knew what else wafting out around it. "Is Manny Bright registered here or not?" He edged closer, getting an eyeful of her bountiful cleavage.
Amazing what push-up bras could create. Paired with tank two sized too small and a crocheted over shirt, she couldn't believe her boobs hadn't popped out of the lingerie yet. Valley made a show of setting the nail file aside and crossing the tiny cubicle to get the cash book. She hiked up her already super short skirt and slid up onto the wobbly stool.
Flipping the book open, she blew a bubble and cracked her gum again. "Bright, you said?" She ran a black painted nail, a skull and crossbones affixed on the tip, down the ledger. "Sorry, dude. Nobody by the name of Bright paid for a room." She peered up through her heavily mascared lashes. "Can you describe the guy?"
Mr. Hot-bod heaved a sigh. "He's five-ten, stringy brown hair, and covered with freckles." His brow rose. "Anyone with that description check in?"
Valley's lips curved in a wide smile. "Yeah, yeah. That guy's in room 2F." She leaned forward, ignoring how the action put her breasts on display again. "And he not alone, if you get my meaning." Her voice dropped to a quiet whisper. "He took a tenner up there with him."
Hot-bod frowned. "A tenner?"
She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, one of the sex walkers who'll suck his dick for ten bucks." She snorted. "You're not from around here, are you?"
He lifted a shoulder. "Not really, no. Thanks for the information." He dropped a twenty on the counter and started up the stairs.
Valley bit back a laugh, tucking the bill inside her bra. She should've just given the guy the intel and then taken her post at the bottom of the steps to act as back-up. Sliding off the stool, she kicked the chunky Mary Jane wedges off and lost almost four inches. The damned things weighed a freaking ton.
Exiting the tiny alcove, she crossed the floor on stockinged feet and flattened against the wall, ready for anything or… nothing. She never knew which. But she wouldn't be sorry to leave the Ramshackle Arms behind. Her old man better be ready to shell out a nice bonus for making her work this gig.
Straining to hear the action upstairs, she caught the sound of Hot-bod knocking on the door. He used a soft rap, no doubt muted by his gloves. Speaking with a timid tone, he asked if Manny's room had any extra towels. The door opened and a scuffle ensued.
Valley braced for action. An ear-piercing shriek preceded a muffled curse and running footsteps grew louder as they neared Valley's location. She slipped back a little further, hoping to remain unseen.
"You'll have to do better than that, asshole. I won't go down without a fight." Bright started down the steps, a long blade clutched in his hand.
Blood poured from his nose and dripped off the end of the gleaming steel. Valley did a quick assessment. Hot-bod got a solid punch in, but Manny retaliated with his knife. The tenner spouted curses and threats about wanting more cash for the blood-sport.
Valley rolled her eyes and waited for her moment. When Bright got to the second to last step, she flung a leg out, catching him on the shins. He went sprawling to the floor, face-planting on the scuffed surface.
Valley moved fast, jamming her knee into his kidney. "Stay down, Bright." She withdrew her weapon and nudged him between the shoulder blades.
The handsome operative followed, a nasty gash on his bicep.
He stepped up, ready to secure Manny. "Flynn Boatman. Who the hell are you?" Tightening the tether strips, he hauled Bright up off the floor.
Valley picked the blade up. "Valley Fitzhugh. I've been UC for a month, gathering intel on our lower life form here." She bagged the knife. "Also here for back-up, which is probably a good thing." Her lips curved in a smile.
Flynn lifted a shoulder. "Yeah, much appreciated." His gaze swept over her in a slow perusal, his eyes narrowing.
Valley lifted a brow. "Something bothering you?" The study had her senses on high alert.
Flynn shook his head. "No, not really. Just wondering where you had the side arm stashed." He jerked Manny toward the door where the pick-up team waited to take him back to base for interrogation.
Valley couldn't resist a cheeky answer. "You'll have to wait for the answer to that question." She liked the flash of interest he shot her way.
Going behind the counter, she grabbed a gauze pad she had tucked in her purse then handed it to Flynn.
He tilted his head to one side. "Oh yeah? How long is this waiting period?" He pressed the dressing to his bicep, staunching the flow of blood.
Valley grinned and hitched the strap of her bag over her shoulder. "Until the new guy smell wears off you." Coming back out to the main floor, she nodded toward his injury. "You'd better get that looked at. I see some stitches in your near future." Grabbing the evidence bag, she gave him a jaunty wave and left the building.
She hadn't enjoyed working at the Ramshackle, but meeting her dad's new operative made the less than stellar experience worth it. She couldn't wait to discover more about the new man on Victor Cruz's payroll.

I can't wait to see more sparks fly when Flynn and Valley meet again.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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