Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Drag Out the List

Okay… getting right to the television part of my post.

The Flash and Arrow premiered!!! Both had excellent season openers. I kind of love where everything is headed and can't wait for this week's episodes. *EEP*

And I'm totally NOT freaking out over whose graveside Oliver and Barry were standing beside. Nope. I'm not. I know who I'd kind of like it to be, but I'll hold off and not speculate too much. LOL

Gotham and Sleepy Hollow had terrific episodes, too. I missed the opener for Sleepy Hollow and still need to watch, but the second ep has me intrigued already.

I also need to watch the double dose of Haven so I'm caught up on that one, too. I've started watching the final episodes of Lost Girl and Strike Back. Two shows I wish didn't have to end. *sniffles*

The conclusion to Doctor Who's two-parter didn't exactly cement the show as awesome for me, so we'll see how things continue. It's still good television so I'll still watch.

But… the best thing of the week? The Walking Dead premieres!!! So looking forward to tonight's episode!!

And that's it for TV. I thought I might do a rambly post about Arrow and The Flash, but you know, they would get a little too spoilery if I attempted to do so.

Tonight's post is from Drag Out the List, a novella where my heroine gets firsthand knowledge of my hero's mental checklist.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Velma and Kade have loads of sexual tension, but Velma keeps him at arm's length. Kade gets the why, but when she pushes him a little too far he turns the tables on her and she ends up in a compromising position—number seventeen on his list.

And a snippety peek…

Velma Arndt glanced out the front window of her beachwear shop and groaned. "Dammit. That can't be the new owner of Ice Caps."
Tall, broad-shouldered, and ripped, the guy had short, dark hair, a well-defined back, and powerful legs if the way he climbed a ladder could be considered anything to go by. Velma fanned her face and continued observing the prime specimen of man working next door to her business. He moved with fluid grace, hanging a new awning to provide shade over the main entrance. His beat-up cargo shorts hung low on his hips, but his ass filled out the rear in a pleasing way. Her eyes slid shut and a sexy image of stripping his shorts off to get a good look at the sculpted globes of flesh had another groan rumbling in her chest.
She turned away from the window. "Geez. I need to find a studly, single tourist and have my wicked way with him." Scratch the itch and carry on.
Hmmm. Maybe the sexy guy hadn't bought the ice cream parlor and only came to do the initial work to get the place ready to reopen. Man, she couldn't get that lucky, could she?
She sure as hell wanted to find out.
Making her way to the front of her shop, she propped the door open and walked outside, shielding her hand from the afternoon sun. If possible, he looked even better without the tinted glass of her windows distorting the view. Mid-thirties by her guess and his hair had streaks of golden brown, lightened by the sun. God, he hit all her hot spots. Please let him be a subcontractor for the new owner.
Velma strolled over, watching him finish with the awning. "Looks great. I love the colors." The bold stripes looked colorful against the pale yellow exterior of the store.
The man swung down from the ladder. "Thanks. Figured it would be noticeable for at least a couple of blocks." He grabbed his shirt from the back side of the ladder and shrugged it over his head.
Much to Velma's disappointment. His droolworthy abs should come with a warning sign—please don't forget a towel.
He stuck his hand out. "Kade Valdossi. I just bought the place from Jim and Dee." He flashed a warm smile.
Velma's heart sank, but she grasped his palm. "Velma Arndt. I'm next door." A zing of awareness shot up her arm. "Nice to meet you." Oh, why did he have to be so damned attractive.
Kade quirked an eyebrow. "You're the sweet, little thing the Rubens raved about?" His mouth curved again. "They didn't tell me you were gorgeous, too."
Velma cracked a smile. "Jim and Dee were great. I hope they're going to enjoy Arizona." The couple decided to try their luck in a drier climate. "Do you plan to live here year-round?"
Kade nodded. "Yep. Moved everything out from Ohio. Lived on the Lake Erie and wanted to stay close to water." He folded up the ladder and stashed it inside the entrance. "Looks like we'll be neighbors… as soon as I get my furniture moved in."
The shops on their strip of beach had residences built-in behind the stores. Most were fairly small, usually a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and small living room set up in a studio style apartment, but this block had expanded units, two or three bedrooms with a separate kitchen, bathroom, and larger living area. Each place also had a patio with privacy fences and small garages facing the alley. For owners who lived beachside year-round, the convenience proved immeasurable.
Velma glanced inside the ice cream parlor. "When do you reopen?" The season wouldn't officially start for another month, but he'd be surprised how busy the locals would keep him.
Kade motioned her to follow him into the store. "I'm thinking sometime next week. The interior only needed a few updates—Jim and Dee took great care of the place—and my first delivery arrives this weekend." He nodded toward the back of the shop. "The apartment needs a little more work, but I have new appliances coming tomorrow so at least I'll be able to cook and keep up with laundry while I'm renovating." He paused and laughed. "I'm kind of excited. I'm tired of eating out all the time—which probably sounds stupid, considering I'm in the business."
Velma chuckled. "Actually, it doesn't sound stupid. It sounds normal."
Velma liked Kade. She wouldn't use him for a booty call, but she could be a good neighbor and invite him to dinner. And no, she absolutely wouldn't be tempted to break her number one rule and get involved with him. Zing of attraction, raging lust, or not.
She met his gaze. "Since you're tired of restaurant fare, why don't you drop by tonight for dinner. I'm planning to do some chicken on the grill and I've got plenty." She'd whip up a salad and maybe add some pineapple to the menu, too.
Kade tilted his head to one side. "I'd love to. What time?" His eyes traveled over her from head to toe.
She warmed under the scrutiny, but hoped it didn't show. "Seven? I'm open until six on weekdays during the off season." She turned to head over to her shop. "Come around back. I'll be on the patio." With a smile and a wave, she ducked out of the ice cream parlor and darted back into her store.
Her heart pounded with excitement and dread. She had to be crazy to start down a path that might end up with complicated roadblocks. And yeah, they'd be her hurdles, but she had damned good reasons for not getting tangled up with relationships. But Kade had an air of decency that drew her in. And the smokin' hot looks didn't hurt either.
God, what an idiot she'd become.
Reaching for her phone, she scrolled through her contacts and hit send. Two rings later, her best friend answered. "Howie… I need a favor. Can you come over for dinner tonight?"
Howie to the rescue, but the sages tell me he's going to have a ringside seat to his best friend's struggle to remain impassive to Kade and Howie will enjoy the show. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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