Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Follow Instructions

Argh!!! The Flash, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD left off at cliffhangery moments. But what awesome episodes!!! I have lots and lots of thoughts, but won't share here for the sake of saving some space. LOL

Haven has one more week and will end on a double episode. I truly hope it ends well, mainly because I've been with the show since the very beginning.

The Librarians and Agent X are still entertaining me. I really enjoyed last week's Agent X and can't wait to see what happens this week. Gotta say the actor playing the foil in last week's episode is making the rounds. He's been on a lot of shows I've been watching.

Looking forward to Agent Carter coming soon. I love the format and the entire cast of characters. Can't wait.

That's it for the TV roundup this week.

Tonight's post is from Follow Instructions, a sexy short where my heroine helps my hero through a tough spot.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Risa Pym and Ford Thrummond, fellow paramedics, enjoy playing one-upmanship with each other, using sexy banter to bank the fires of their attraction. A slight mishap occurs when Ford exits their squad, and Risa decides it's time he learns the ins and outs of how to use the grips properly… and not so properly.

And a snippety peek...

The wail of the wind sounded worse than the siren used earlier. And the rain continued almost blowing sideways. A crappy day all around.
"God, this weather sucks." Risa Pym glanced out the back window of the ambulance.
Ford Thrummond snorted. "You always say that unless the sun is shining and it's seventy-five degrees." He couldn't resist a grin when she rolled her eyes.
Risa should move to a moderate climate state instead of living in Ohio where the weather often changed every fifteen minutes. Then again, if she left… well, he wouldn't want her to move far away. The rig pulled into the station house and Risa had the back doors open before the overheads finished closing.
Ford shook his head. "What's your hurry?" He'd worked with her long enough to know why she rushed out of the rig.
She turned, a brow arched. "Are you kidding? With that wind and rain? You know we're gonna get another call." Jumping down, she started toward the cleaning equipment. "Sooner rather than later. And you know I can't deal with a messy medic."
Ford chuckled. Her brain didn't function when the back of the ambulance got chaotic with supplies, equipment, and gear out of place. Worse yet, when rain, snow, mud, or dust littered the floors or any other surface. Currently, there were leaves all over the place from the gusty winds.
He moved forward to exit the back when Risa wheeled a bucket and mop over.
She made a noise. "Be careful—"
His hand grasped the rail and he made a motion to step out but his foot flew out from under him, missing the step and landing hard on the concrete floor. He jarred and rolled his ankle then went down to his knee, pain radiating outward from the twisted limb.
Risa hissed out a breath. "Shit. Are you okay?" She dropped down beside him, already assessing the injury.
Her hands pushed lightly and he winced. Not okay. No doubt, he'd sprained the ankle, possibly even fractured the bone.
He glanced up. "I have no idea what the hell happened." Other than making an idiot out of himself.
Risa grimaced. "A wet railing and your foot on a pile of leaves doesn't make a good combo." She met his gaze. "Looks like we're going out again sooner instead of later." Standing, she went to the second ambulance, popped the back door, and grabbed a gear bag. "Let's get you splinted up and over to the ED for an x-ray." Her lips twitched. "I would ask if you wanted the full treatment, but I'm sure we can take the SUV instead."
He sent her a scathing look. "Damned right we will. I am not going to the emergency department in the back of a medic." He'd walk first.
Risa shook her head and started to get the splint around his ankle. "What is it with the male members of the fire service? We haul patients in the back of the medic all the time."
Ford grunted. "Yeah, well, I'm not a patient and I don't need a full crew for a stupid sprained ankle."
Risa finished with the splint and laughed. "You're right about not being patient. Think you can manage to wait two minutes while I fill in the lieutenant?"
Ford gave her a smirk. "I can try. But you get two minutes before I hot wire the vehicle and drive myself."
She snorted. "Yeah, I'd like to see you make it the SUV in two minutes, but whatever." Bending down, she met his gaze. "Seriously, Ford. Chill until I get back, okay?"
He nodded. The concerned look in her eyes had him wondering if he had more than a sprain.
Her lips curved in a half smile. "Sit tight. Be right back."
Like he had anywhere he could go.

I love writing when a couple discovers and acts on their attraction. So much fun!

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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