Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Imagination

Finally, a fairly lovely week. The weather took a turn for the better with mild temperatures and some sun.

Gotta say The Magicians finale shocked and surprised me. Loved it! The premiere of The Hunters has me intrigued so I'll continue watching to see how things pan out. No episode of Bitten this week, unless I missed the US viewing night. I've seen the next to last episode and some big twisty-turns I didn't expect.

Agents of SHIELD had a great episode. I have to give Brett Dalton credit for being so good at playing truly creepy. He's got the chops to pull it off.

Legends of Tomorrow also had another great episode. And finally, looks like we'll have a new / another villain. Glad to see the potential there.

Loving Wynonna Earp. I'm all caught up and really excited about the potential for this series. Still need to watch the first three episodes of Banshee, which I'm hoping to do later tonight. Also started a new ITV drama, Marcella, and so far, really like it. One of my favorite actors is starring so I'll be glued no matter what. LOL

And finally, I'm getting back into X Company, an excellent Canadian drama about WWII. Loving the second season so far.

And that's it for television this week.

Tonight's post is from Imagination, a novella based on the prompt "using a blindfold". How can that not be fun to write?

Here's the mini-blurb:

Holland Dukes and Rand Allerdyce love to play games. When Holland decides Rand needs to stimulate his imagination, she uses a blindfold and makes him rely on his other senses. Rand gets payback, pulling the same scenario… in Holland's office.

And a snippety peek…

When the room went dark, Rand tensed, ready to fight off an attack.
He caught a whiff of gardenia and smiled. Relaxing, he waited to see what happened next.
Holland's voice purred closed to his ear. "Let the game begin…"
Rand turned toward the sound, carefully reaching out. "And what fun treat do you have planned tonight?" His fingers met silk, gliding lightly over the fabric.
Holland grasped his hand. "Imagination."
Rand's lips quirked. "I want to touch more than your hand." He twined their fingers together and tugged her forward.
Holland made a sound between a purr and a chuckle. "You will, Rand. Patience."
He could play the waiting game, especially if she rewarded him with a hot experience. "Okay, no rushing then." He loosened his grip on her fingers.
Holland leaned in close. "Exactly. Now… let's go with taste." Her mouth met his, her tongue slipping past his lips.
He smiled when she eased away. "Mmmm. Mint with a velvety undertone of chocolate." Licking his lips, he made a low groan. "Combined with the gardenia perfume, you're hitting all my favorites." A sigh escaped before he could stop it.
Holland made a tsking sound. "All right, Mr. Know-it-all. Listen…"
The scratchy sound of a zipper being lowered met his ears. "You're not planning to lead me around by my dick, are you?" He could almost picture the saucy smile on her face.
Holland laughed, a sexy rumble close to his ear. "No. Because that would involve touch and I'm still on listening and hearing." She stepped away. "Follow the sound now…" Her heels made a tick-click-clack on the parquet flooring of the foyer before becoming muted when she crossed to the slate tiles in the kitchen. "Where am I?"
Rand grinned. "You're in the kitchen, picking something up." The slide of glass on the granite counter gave her action away.
Holland made her way back into the entry. "Very good. You get a reward for your effort." Her fingers grazed his cheek. "Open wide now. We're back to taste again."
Rand complied and bit into a succulent strawberry covered in chocolate and whipped cream. Another favorite. Holland certainly pulled out all the stops tonight.
Her mouth covered his again, the taste of the ripe fruit on her lips. He let her control the embrace, groaning when she swept her tongue along his, getting a little lost in her allure. When she eased away to feed him another strawberry followed by one more, he dutifully finished off both. She could feed him all night if she wanted. The loss of sight only served to heighten everything else and he thoroughly enjoyed having her in the driver's seat.
The sound of her heels walking back into the kitchen kicked his anticipation up a notch. When she returned to his side, he reached out, craving contact with her. The gaping hole from his open zipper gave him a little breathing room, but the hard ridge of his cock wanted some attention.
When his hands found her hips, he whispered. "What's next?"

What's next, indeed? Use your imagination. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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