Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Snippet: One Time Thing

Holy crap! The Last Ship only has two more episodes left and I'm dying to see both yet dreading the long wait for season four. ARGH! We got a favored familiar face last week and lost a new favorite. We also got to see one major enemy get his due. Now we just need to see Blonde Ambition get what's coming to her and hopefully find out if Jacob the Asshat reporter, who turned into a decent dude after all, met a terrible end. A LOT happened last week. Just saying.

The Killjoys finale rocked. We got some answers and spawned new questions. And, of course, one third of the team is separated from the other two. I wouldn't mind that being a thing for each season finale. I'm so interested in seeing how things play out for season three and look forward to the recurring characters maybe getting a little more backstory. And hey, if Rick Howland can start recurring, bonus points for that. Hat's off to Michelle Lovretta and her team for creating such a kick ass show.

Dark Matter is also weaving intriguing ripples. Yeah, ripples can't really be woven together, but this is science fiction so *blows raspberries*. I kind of loved the whole android / hologram dealio. And I'm kind of hoping we get some development / clear answers on the corporation thing. I'm all for murky waters and all, but I wouldn't mind some concrete motives either.

My rewatch of Killjoys season one is inspiring me to maybe do some fun recaps on my sister blog. If nothing else, I'd love to talk the mix of cast / costumes / music, because the first season nailed everything.

And that's it for television. Tonight's post is from One Time Thing, a novella that started with the prompt of two characters share a dirty-bad-wrong secret from another before they died. I'm always interested in characters making mistakes then living with the consequences.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Sometimes a wicked powerful attraction isn't always a good thing. Vickie South and Grant Magnus have an instant spark, but Vickie is dating Grant's best friend. A stormy night and loss of power set the stage, and the duo can't resist the strong pull, which makes for an awkward situation all around.

And a snippety peek…

Vickie South hummed along with popular eighties song when the ping of her Bluetooth indicated an incoming call. "Hi, babe. What's up?" Her displayed showed the call coming from home.
Rapid breathing followed by a loud thunk greeted her ears. Speaker phone.
Brent Danner got to the point. "You don't have class this morning, do you?" The rip of a zipper sounded in the background.
Vickie bit back a sigh. She posted her schedule on the calendar in the kitchen. And updated it regularly—something Brent already knew.
She rolled her eyes. "No. I have two full, evening sessions tonight and a massage booked with one of the students." The rustling noise on the other end could only mean Brent had his go bag open.
He confirmed her suspicion. "I got a call out and I'm rolling in ten." His boots clomped on the floor and his bag thudded next. "Can you take Grant to the airport? He's got a flight out at ten and I was supposed to drop him off."
Grant Magnus. Brent's best friend, who she had yet to meet.
Vickie calculated the time it would take to add a trip to the other side of the city. "No one else can go?" She had a long list of errands to plow through.
Brent made a frustrated sound. "On short notice? No, Vic, there's no one else. He's expecting me in thirty minutes and I'm out the door in five." To emphasize his point, he rattled his keys.
Even though a Humvee would be picking him up.
Vickie made a turn into a parking lot. "Yeah, yeah. I'll give him a lift. What's his address?" Brent gave her a familiar street name. At least she wouldn't need GPS to find Grant's place. "Got it. I'll head out now."
Brent blew a kiss into the phone. "Thanks, Vic. Gotta go. My ride's here." He clicked off before she could ask how long he'd be gone.
Shoulders slumping, she shook her head. "The man has zero romance skills." Laughing, she backed out of the parking space and merged into traffic. "He'll have to make up for it when he gets home."
Whenever the hell that would be.

I hope my goal to establish something of a disconnect comes through on this scene, but not overtly. Let me know if it doesn't.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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