Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Ring It In

Only one week until the merriest day! We still have to decorate our tree, but we always wait until about a week before the holiday. Should be done by this evening.

The Great Holiday Show Binge Watch Extravaganza continued this past week. I finished up NCIS, moved on to NCIS: LA and NCIS: New Orleans. Then followed with MASH. Last night I started the X-Files.

Teen Wolf had a great episode. The season feels a little choppy but I'm enjoying. The Librarians and MacGyver had good episodes. Enjoyed the holiday-themed flavor on MacGyver.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Ring It In, a sexy short set on New Year's Eve.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Recovering from post-holiday family drama, Paris Lightful wants to spend New Year's Eve in her uncle's cabin with nothing but her laptop and a ton of action movies. When near blizzard conditions strand Deputy Kelton Pine at her location, Paris doesn't welcome the intrusion, especially since Kelton has a major chip on his shoulder. But once the ice breaks between the couple, things heat up rather quickly.

And a snippety peek…

Kelton Pine entered the sheriff's office via the back door. He waved to the dispatcher, Bette Zinda, and nodded toward the small changing area. He'd finished a five mile run and needed a shower before starting his shift.
Kicking off his slushy shoes, he followed by stripping out of his clothes, three layers of thermal garments, damp from the increasing snowfall outside.
He started the water and stepped into the shower, mindful of the temperature. When the spray warmed up, he ducked under.
"Hey, Kel? You decent?" Bette's voice carried in from the outer hallway.
Kel chuckled. Only Bette would ask him that question. In her sixties, she'd seen everything, knew everyone, and nothing fazed the woman.
Not even a naked, six-foot-one man taking a shower. When Bette had something to say, she didn't wait.
He called out his answer. "Since when does it matter?" He finished lathering up and started rinsing off. "The curtain's closed, so yeah, I'm decent." Steam rose all around him, obscuring him further.
Her voice sounded again, closer this time. "Better finish up. Just got a BOLO on Juss Rampkin." She waited for the water to shut off before continuing. "Seems he knocked Karena around again and put her in the hospital this time."
Kel grimaced then grabbed the towel, hanging over the edge of the shower stall. "How bad?" Dammit, Juss couldn't seem to keep out of trouble.
He dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around him. Stepping out of the stall, he quirked a brow.
Bette lifted a shoulder and wouldn't meet Kel's gaze. "She had some internal bleeding." She held a hand out when he started for the door. "Now, hold on, Kel. Juss is already in the wind. Sheriff Donnelly just got back from the house and Juss isn't there." She handed him his uniform shirt. "You can't go anywhere until you're dressed and the sheriff wants to talk to you before you go off half-cocked." She turned around after handing him his pants.
Kel rolled his eyes. Bette used to change his diapers when his mom worked third shift at the hospital, but he'd much prefer her to at least be in the next room while he got his uniform on.
She filled in more of the blanks. "It'll be a felony charge this time and Juss knows it."
Kel growled. "Only if Karena presses charges. She's let him off too many times." And the department had their hands tied.
Juss had been escalating over the past few months. What started out as verbal tirades directed at his common law wife had now jumped to physical altercations and abuse. Nothing Donnelly or Kel did to curtail the man's wild outbursts worked. And Karena kept taking Juss back.
Kel finished dressing, tucking his shirt into his pants. "How long will she be out of commission?" If long enough, they might be able to talk some sense into her.
Bette shrugged. "At least forty-eight hours." She fell into step beside Kel when he exited into the changing area. "And she won't have a choice this time. The attending physician documented her injuries. The law director can and will file charges without her filling out a complaint." She laid a hand on Kel's arm. "We'll find him and make sure he faces the music."
Kel stopped outside Donnelly's office. "I have a good idea where he took off to." Juss never went far. "I'll check in then head out. Keep me updated on Karena's progress, yeah?"
Bette nodded. "You know I will." She headed for the dispatch room but paused. "A storm's coming in. Be careful out there."
Kel gave her a thumbs-up then entered the sheriff's office. If Kel wanted to beat the weather rolling in, he'd have to leave ASAP.

This may end up being novella length by the time I'm finished. Hopefully, I can ring in 2018 with this release.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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