Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sunday Snippet: Rise and Shine

Happy holidays to all who celebrate. My post is a little later than usual but the lead-up to Christmas morning exhausted me and I took a nice, long winter's nap today. LOL

I overloaded on holiday-themed shows this week and loved every moment. I'll be continuing through probably New Year's Eve. So much great television.

This week included all the Arrow and The Flash holiday episodes. Eureka, Haven, and Warehouse 13. I worked Roswell and The District in along with animated episodes from Rugrats, Batman, and Justice League. Dropped into single episode fare with Buffy, Supernatural, The Librarians, Leverage and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I'm sure I'll have a few more before I finally go to bed. I can't wait!

Tonight's post is from Rise and Shine, a novella that started with a writing community prompt of "the businessman and the barista". Still working out some kinks, but loving how much fun this one is.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Abram Purdy sees the same barista, Whitney Boone, every day of the week. She always knows exactly what he needs to get his day started. He runs into her on a Saturday jog and discovers she's accepting a teaching position at the local university and Abram decides to see if she'll still make his morning coffee—at his place.

And a snippety peek…

Whitney's gaze followed Abram when he exited the shop. She finished up a caramel latte and cheerfully handed it to the next customer in line. Abram finally walked out of sight and Whitney started the next person's mocha frappuccino.
She'd miss him the most.
"Whitney, how am I going to survive without your mocha frappuccinos?" Lynia Grant made an exaggerated pouty face.
Whitney laughed. "See Sarah. She makes them even better than I do." She handed Lynia her order. "But thank you. You just made my day." Glancing back, she smiled at the next person in line, another regular.
Lynia grinned. "Good to know Sarah will have things under control. But you're still my fave for the next two weeks." She walked over to the cashier.
Whitney got a kick out of Lynia's compliment. Whitney always enjoyed her regular morning crowd. But only until she worked out her notice.
The next five orders were all hipster combinations and Whitney's mind drifted back to Abram's simple preference for nothing but a strong cup of java. No sugar, creamer, flavor shots, or complicated additives. She appreciated his straightforwardness as much as she admired his charm, quirky sense of humor, and, well, his handsome face.
So why haven't you told him you're leaving yet?
Whitney squashed the inner voice. She'd talk to Abram soon. Her reason for not doing so required further examination.
But she only had two more weeks to ponder before she had to break the news.
A lull in order traffic gave her some time to clean up her station and to reflect about her hesitation in sharing the news with Abram. She rarely saw him outside of the coffee shop, but she'd gotten to know him pretty well when he came in several times a week for a change of scenery when he worked. Her mild fixation on the man didn't really have a basis in reality.
Except he knew her better than some of her former boyfriends. He always asked about her life outside of Rise and Shine. And showed a personal interest in her.
Yet he'd never asked her out or anything along those lines.
Satisfied with her sparkling counter, Whitney resolved to tell him when he came in the next time.

I think it's going to be loads of fun to watch Abram try to win Whitney's heart. Here's hoping.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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