Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Snippet: A Simple Thing

Okay, Riverdale, you have my attention. My high hopes were met and surpassed. Here's hoping the following episodes stay the course. My sister blog, Universes Altered, might pick up a weekly recap on this show. The acting and cast are a terrific mix and I look forward to seeing what this crew does.

Gotham's follow-up episode intrigued me. I'll lay money Leigh made a deal to stay away from Jim to spare his life. We'll see how long that lasts. Having Jerome loose in the city will be chaotic to say the least. If the origin story I think is playing out continues, I'm in. I also love the other two prongs of the cold war between Ed and Oswald along with the mama drama between Selena and Bruce. Thoroughly love how the trio of plot threads are playing out.

The Flash returned and didn't disappoint. Future vibing is kind of cool, but something tells me the crew is going to have burnt asses before it's all over.

Legends of Tomorrow always makes me happy when they visit someone famous before they're, well, famous. Having George Lucas kind of made the show. While I rather enjoyed Malcolm and Damien's team-up, I'm not sure how much fun it'll be if it's overused. I don't, however, think Mick and Stein sharing screen time will ever get old. More of that, please.

Arrow rocked, as usual. I have some doubts about the district attorney really helping Oliver, but we'll see what happens. Having Earth 2 Laurel is an interesting twist. Looking forward to seeing what happens there. Loved the bonding moment between Curtis and Rene, too.

Finished up Strike Back through season three. Holding off on four, but should start it soon. Got caught up on The Librarians, Murdoch Mysteries, and Teen Wolf. I'm thrilled to be current on all three. Whew. Missed the premiere of The Magicians and hope to catch up on that one soon.

Decided to forego watching MacGyver for now. I might binge watch after the season is over. The show just isn't holding my attention like I want it to and the cast shake-ups aren't something I'm thrilled with.

And that's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from A Simple Thing, a novella that got a start from a writing community prompt of making one character lose a bet and having to plant a kiss on another in front of an audience then things get out of hand. I really liked this prompt.

Here's the mini-blurb:

River Cyd loses a bet and has to have a lip lock with Gus Berkeley. No big deal—they've shared them before. But the simple kiss goes from zero to smokin' in less than a second flat and River isn't quite sure when complicated became the norm between her and Gus.

Here's a snippety peek…

River Cyd wiped down the bar at GoGo's while reviewing her notes for her final exam. Her master's degree within reach, she'd doubled up on her study sessions.  The buzzer sounded by the back door and she frowned. Deliveries weren't scheduled until after one and she'd come in at eleven… fifteen minutes ago.
Tossing the rag in the sink, she made her way to the rear exit and checked the monitor. The craft beer delivery man stood outside, hands jammed in his pockets and his toe tapping the ground.
River keyed the code and opened the door. "Hey, Joe. What's up?" She propped the steel door with the block of wood.
Joe gave her a harried smile. "Boss's wife is in labor and he's closing up shop early. Asked if I could make my deliveries and get back ASAP." He walked around to the front of the truck and grabbed a clipboard from the seat. "If you can sign for the twenty cases, I'll go ahead and start getting them into the bar."
River held up a hand. "Hold up. You need Gus's signature and he's not down here yet." She glanced inside the vehicle, noting the almost empty rear interior. "Are we your last stop?" Her gaze swept over a photo, taped to the sliding door, showing a woman and two dark-haired kids.
Joe nodded. "Yeah. I saved you guys for last." He leaned against the truck, the clipboard tucked under his arm. "You sure you can't sign for the beer? I won't tell my boss if you don't." His lips curved in a lopsided grin.
River shook her head. "No way, Joe. Gus'll have my hide." She tilted her head to one side. "I'll tell you what. Let me run up and see if he's home. Maybe he can come down, sign for the beer, and let you get going." She crossed the alley and dashed up the steps to Gus's apartment.
Joe gave her a thumbs-up. "Thanks, River. Appreciate it."
She waved and knocked on the door. Glancing through the window, she snorted. Gus wouldn't win any housekeeping awards. Clothes were flung everywhere, dirty dishes stacked in the sink, and office paraphernalia littered the table. She banged again and still didn't get a response.
She looked over the railing. His motorcycle sat parked in its usual spot, so he should be home.
River tried the knob. It twisted and she pushed the door open, sticking her head inside. "Gus? You home?" Running water greeted her ears.
Stepping inside, she tried again. "Hey, Gus? You around?" The shower shut off and River opened her mouth to say his name again but the words died in her throat.
Gus strolled from the bathroom toward his bedroom, gloriously naked up to his head, which he had covered with a towel, sopping up the water that clung to the ends of his hair. River gasped and Gus spun around, giving her a full frontal view.
Good God.
The man should pose nude for the sake of posterity. River drank in the sight—broad shoulders with some ink on the left, defined pecs, ripped abs, and—holy heaven above—an impressive cock. Even soft, it had length and girth.
Her gave flew upward, glancing off his and River worked to form words. But her brain got stuck between "I want" and "Gimme". Her fingers curled into her palms to keep from making grabby hands.

This one is fun. River and Gus get hot and heavy without really thinking through the consequences.

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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