Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Steamed Up

Hello February! Where the weather in Ohio is like a frigid tundra one day and a balmy spring on the next. Ha! Sometimes we get both in the same day. Yeesh.

Well… Riverdale kept my attention and fulfilled my wishes in its second episode. I don't have shows reach and grab me like they used to so this is terrific! I'm completely interested in what happens next.

Gotham just keeps getting better and better. I'm dying to find out what happens to Penguin and can't wait to see the Riddler come into emergence. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow had great episodes. Even the Legion of Doom didn't suck. Looking forward to seeing new episodes this week.

Arrow also had a great episode. I like where they're going with the new Black Canary. I'm also kind of holding my breath to see whether the DA is going to end up being a good guy or a bad guy. I'm also waiting for the other shoe to drop with a seed planted quite a while ago with Oliver being in Russia.

Got all caught up on Teen Wolf and enjoyed the midseason finale. Not sure where they can go with the final ten episodes, but I'll be there to see them.

Started the new season of X Company and it's terrific. I really love this show and the cast. I have three more episodes on tap and can't wait to watch.

That's it for television this week. Tonight's post is from Steamed Up, a novella that got a start with a prompt of writing a scene with sexy times in the shower with someone else watching.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Raina Forbes and Huck Holloway are forced to work together after a spectacular break-up. Their close-quarters job situation has sparks flying between the former couple, and shaky new relationships are tested with Huck's going down in flames. And contrary to popular opinion, Huck doesn't always play nice when he truly wants something… or someone.

And a snippety peek…

"Merch Madness just sold their shares to me and Huck Holloway starts working out of this location today." Hector Wells pranced behind his desk, his chest puffed out with pride. "I consider this the best news in the history of best news."
Raina Forbes groaned, but refrained from calling her boss an idiot.
Hector stopped his victory walkabout and pinned Raina with his beady gaze. "You got a problem, princess?" He resorted to calling names when he didn't want a confrontation.
Considering she and Huck had a spectacular breakup almost a year ago and hadn't spent more than five minutes in the same room since, why on earth would she have a problem? Not like Huck could ride her ass about Hector anymore; not when the man would be Huck's defacto employer now. She'd laugh out loud if the idea of seeing Huck again didn't throw her into a tailspin of memories better left alone.
Raina shook her head. "No, no problem." She'd be peachy or die trying.
Hector snapped his fingers then pointed in her direction. "Better not be. You and that Holloway guy have to learn to play nice."
Dammit. Of course Hector would remember she and Huck had a thing. And of course, he'd say something about it.
Manny Johnson, one of the trainers, shot her a look.
Raina shrugged. "Nothing to worry about." Except it could be if Huck decided he didn't want to be civil.
Any why would he be? You didn't end on good terms.
Tina Lamb, Hector's latest assistant, finally rolled in—late, as usual—and blew Hector a kiss. Hector gave her an indulgent smile and Raina's fellow announcer, Marissa Cathaway, shook her head in disgust. Hector always hired bubble-headed fluff brains to handle his day-to-day busywork. And he always wondered why he went through at least four a year.
Tina preened in front of Manny, but directed a question to Hector. "Did you deliver the news yet?" Her heels made a clacking noise on the tiled floor while she made her way to the desk and not waiting, for confirmation. "You all are going to love Huck Holloway. The man is a force of nature." She put her dainty purse in the top side drawer then flashed a smile. "If I had my way, he'd be in the brawls." Flicking her gaze to Raina, she all but purred. "He's an animal in bed." Bombshell dropped, Tina pulled the chair out and settled behind the desk.
Tina arrived after the spectacular breakup, but she'd heard rumors. No doubt, she wanted confirmation of Raina's previous status as Huck's bedmate. Raina rolled her eyes but didn't rise to the obvious bait. But… her nails left half-moons when her fingers curled into her palms.
Figured Huck would go for a simpering flower like Tina. Someone men would find malleable and agreeable—in bed and out. Unlike Raina who didn't like to be told when found lacking.
Manny nudged her shoulder. "You gonna let her have the last word?"
Raina shrugged. "Why not? She obviously needs a confidence boost." Marissa burst out laughing and Raina decided to make a dignified exit during the distraction.
Manny fell into step beside her. "There's my girl."
Raina's lips curved but she didn't reply. She'd never be his girl. They hooked up on a casual basis, when either needed to scratch an itch.
Raina intended to stick with the status quo. She didn't want commitment right now, even if Manny tried to push for more, which he did sometimes. Building the brand, making a strong presence on the elite spectacle sports circuit—her work—took up most of her time. Hector wouldn't always be her boss. Getting her name on the map and moving up the influence chain would guarantee a chance for her to call the shots one day. Since the breakup with Huck, her goals had solidified—own her own company and be the boss.
Raina would never admit the actual reason she kept Manny at arm's length and shied away from a real connection—Huck Holloway had ruined her for anyone else.

Gotta say, I'm having fun with this one. Raina and Huck are a joy to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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