Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Up the Ante

So… last day of April is here and I'm finally starting to realize I have a kid graduating in a month. It's my second experience, my oldest graduated five years ago, but, wow, reality hits in weird ways. LOL I've got a party to plan and things to make happen.

Thank goodness for television when I need a reality break. Gotham came back with a vengeance and delivered a very fun hour of TV. While the whole owl society thing makes me roll my eyes, I have a feeling the payoff will end up being worth it.

The Flash returned with a great episode. I'm not feeling as much love for this season's overall arc, but I do enjoy this show so much. I have two working theories for who revealed themselves to Kaitlyn and either makes me very excited.

Arrow continues to be my favorite show. Having Felicity go dark side is an interesting twist, even if it feels a little forced sometimes. Throwing ARGUS in and creating tension and conflict with John makes me happy. Looking forward to seeing how the season ends.

Riverdale upped the stakes again. My twitter feed is half and half on the love / hate for the show. Personally, I love it. There are some terrific little twists that make me happy. And I thoroughly enjoy the grown-ups getting caught up in their own drama and how that plays out between the kids.

I haven't really mentioned Doctor Who. There's a reason for that. While I really like the new companion and the sidekick, I'm just not excited about this season. I'll be happy to get through and see who Thirteen will be. Hopefully we'll get a new Master, too.

Class isn't bad. It's not quite the same as Sarah Jane's adventures, but it's got a good vibe and I like the interactions with the characters.

I've been busy enough to not really have time to catch up on my binge watch shows. With nicer weather, my cleaning gene kicks in and I start mini-projects that tend to last the entire summer. LOL

That's it for TV this week. Tonight's post is from Up the Ante, a sexy short that got a start with a writing community prompt of have the main characters "manipulate" each other under a poker table. How could I possibly resist that one?

Here's the mini-blurb:

Mutual satisfaction starts at the poker table when Vianca Berry and Fritz Hattenfield begin a flirtatious game that ups the ante of their new relationship.

And a snippety peek…

Vianca Berry finished up the work on a sweet, classic motorcycle. "How the hell did I land this job?" A dream gig, she couldn't have asked for anything better.
She split her time between tending bar and wrenching cars and bikes. Bartending came easy. She'd learned at her father's knee. It helped she had good genes and an easygoing personality. Wrenching proved harder. Not the actual mechanical aspect, getting anyone to take her seriously.
Then she met Fritz Hattenfield.
"Sex on two legs." Vi grimaced and glanced around, making sure no one overheard her description.
Geez, she needed to quit talking out loud, especially to herself.
But the description fit. The man oozed masculine appeal. Tall, built, and with just enough edge to make her crave being around him.
Danger, Vi, danger.
She snorted out a laugh. "Get a grip, girl." Rising, she turned and bumped into the object of her latest fantasies.
Fritz gripped her shoulders and quirked an eyebrow. "Chatting up the oil stains again?" His lips curved in a sexy twist.
Vi gave him a smirk. "You know me, Fritzie. Can't help myself." The wall of his chest against her arms seared her skin.
Tight t-shirts shouldn't look so good on a man.
He stepped away, his palms sliding down to her forearms. "As long as they don't start talking back." His lips twitched and he winked.
Vi laughed. "So far, so good." She turned back toward the bike. "She's all finished. Want me to call Bosco and let him know?"
Fritz shook his head. "Nah. He'll be over right after work." He nodded toward the clubhouse across the parking lot. "He can't ride her before he finishes his shift."
Bosco belonged to the Wayfarer's Motorcycle Club and worked as a rad tech at the local hospital. Fritz owned the club and held the charter position as president. Half her salary came from being the bartender and the other half came from Fritz's garage.
So the man should really be off-limits.
But her libido urged her to go for it.
Vi resisted—she enjoyed the early flirtation stage too much to bypass it completely.
Quirking a smile, she planted her hands on his chest, enjoying the twitch of his pecs, and pushed back and away. "Better get this moved out into the lot then." She grabbed the handlebars and shoved the hulking machine toward the bay door.
She definitely got a workout moving the heavy motorcycles around, which helped her legs and ass look outstanding. Or so she'd been told. The low rumble of appreciation coming from Fritz reinforced the notion.
Vi glanced over her shoulder. "When you're done staring at my ass, maybe you could give a hand?" She laughed when Fritz blinked and shook his head.
He stepped up. "Right, yeah. Let me." Maneuvering the cycle into the lot, he wrestled it into a space. "Not my fault you've got the best ass I've seen in years, Vi. Can't blame a guy for admiring the view." Placing the kickstand down, he met her gaze.
Vi cracked a grin. "Not blaming you, Fritzie. But you could return the favor and let me follow you into the clubhouse." She made a twirling motion with her finger, indicating he needed to precede her.
His mouth twisted in a wry smirk. "Always aim to please." He wiggled his butt back and forth before smacking a hand on the left, jean-clad cheek.
Vi threw her head back and laughed.
Then thoroughly enjoyed the view.

I'm having fun with this one. It's not huge on conflict but the tension is way fun to write.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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