Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Snippet: Weathering the Storm

Wow, halfway through 2017. It's crazy how fast time zooms by sometimes. My middle kid made it safely home from Alaska and had an epic adventure with his grandpa. Since it's summer, he had to adjust to it not getting completely dark in Anchorage, which makes for some terrific stories. Getting into San Francisco at around eleven PM, his first words to my dad were, "So, Grandpa, this is what night looks like. I'd forgotten." LOL I love that kid.

My Friday night shows had great episodes. I feel like I need to rewatch the first two seasons of Dark Matter, just for reference points. I love Three, which I honestly didn't think I'd say. There's something very appealing about interactions with the crew and the snark is perfect.

Wynonna Earp is having a great second season. It's not quite as flawless as the first, but I really like the dynamic between the characters. I'm really interested in how they're going to deal with Waverly.

Still need to catch up on Orphan Black. I think because it's the last season and I know it's the final one, I’m reluctant to watch and lose everyone at the end. But I can't not watch. I need to know where everyone ends up.

I'm almost through the first season of Young Justice and I'd forgotten how much I love animated DC shows. Looking forward to seeing how everything ends up playing out.

Next up is trying to find time to read for pleasure instead of work. I miss diving into a good story for the sheer enjoyment of doing so.

And that's it for entertainment this week. Tonight's post is from Weathering the Storm, a novella that originated with a brainstorming session about harsh weather romances.

Here's the mini-blurb:

Gabby Carns and Tim Appleby live in a remote, mountainous region. When the weather report warns of massive snowfall, the couple prepares for the coming blizzard. But instead of being fearful, they're looking forward to the alone time—nothing brings out the steamy romance like a plunge in the temperature.

And a snippety peek…

Tim swung the ax, splitting the log on the stump. "Gotta check the generator and fuel supply when I'm done." He stacked the wood by the house and went back to do more.
He loved a good snowstorm. The last time he and Gabby were snowed in for five days. And they enjoyed every one of them. Not much beat finding creative and sexy ways to take advantage of being snowed in.
"Helps that Gabby has an incredibly wicked imagination."
She wrote erotic romance for a living that entertained and spurred many "hands on" sessions for research. He couldn't get any luckier in the significant other department. His chosen profession of handcrafting furniture bored by comparison… except for the fact Gabby used many heroes who worked with their hands as her male lead characters. She writes what she knows.
A grin spread across his face and he took a break from chopping to go ahead and check on the generator. They had three full canisters of gas, which would probably be enough, but he'd have Gabby fill the two empties, just in case. Heading back around to the front of their cabin, he caught sight of Gabby, puttering around in the kitchen, opening cupboard doors and typing items on her phone. She bent over to check their canned goods, giving him a sexy view of her ass.
He huffed out a breath, willing his dick to behave. "Plenty of time for that later, Timothy." Gabby's butt never failed to make him hard as a rock.
Whistling a happy tune, he grabbed the ax and started chopping more wood. If the weather got as bad as predicted, he wanted plenty of fuel for the fireplace and wood-burner stove. They had plenty of blankets and lots of cozy spots to stay warm.
His lips curved. "Man, I love a good snowstorm."

Writing tension with lots of anticipation is so much fun. Can't wait to finish this one up.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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