Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Academic Challenge

February 3, 2013

Okay, the big game is over. All the food consumed. And a nap sounds really great right now. LOL

But then I won't sleep and get up for work in the morning, so blog posts it is. J

Tonight's Sunday Snippet is from a just started manuscript, Academic Challenge. The sages are kind of hot for this one so we'll see how it goes. No idea where it'll go, but it's fun to write so far.

Here's the tagline:

Holly Patz, the newest TA for Professor Sam Ingali, wants to enjoy the experience. But when rumors start swirling about her relationship with the handsome instructor, she has to decide whether to stick around and become his latest conquest or turn the odds in her favor.

And here's the snippety peek:

Holly found the office she'd share with two other TAs and dropped her bag on a desk before taking a seat. She had an hour before Professor Ingali's lecture started and thought she'd get organized…or as organized as she ever got. Holly tended to let things unfold as they would, finding it helped to let whatever happened flow at will. Her plan at the moment would be finding some place to get coffee and then check to see if Professor Ingali had arrived.
Dropping her bag into the large bottom drawer, she pushed it shut and locked it. She'd use her university ID to get coffee and maybe get an extra cup for her new boss. Rising, she made her way to the door and exited into the hallway.
Lost in thought, she rounded the corner and slammed into a hard body. "Shit. Sorry."
Holly glanced up and met the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. Anger filled, but stunning nonetheless.
"No need for apology. I'm trying to find my new TA and I'm in a hurry. She's late."
Holly's pulse kicked up a notch. It figured. No way would she be lucky enough to have the primo specimen of manhood standing in front of her be her new professor. She still had at least forty-five minutes before her class started.
"I just came from the office. No one else was in there."
The professor frowned. "Dammit. I asked for someone who had experience. The administrative office assured me this Holly Patz had great references."
Holly's eyes widened. "Wait. You're Professor Ingali?" Apparently she had gotten lucky…or not, based on his surly expression. "But I'm Holly. And I'm not late. Class doesn't start for another forty-five minutes."
Professor Ingali took a step back, giving her a slow once over from head to toe, before speaking. "And I require my assistants to arrive an hour before class starts to set up whatever I'll need for the lecture." He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. "You're fifteen minutes late."
Holly fought back a heated flush from his frank appraisal. "Well, shit, again." She met the professor's gaze. "In my defense, no one told me about getting here early. I didn't know. Hell, I was even on my way to get coffee, as a get off on the right foot gesture." She snorted. "Totally blew that one." Pushing ahead, she nodded toward the lecture halls. "If you'll show me where to go, I'll get started on the set up."
Sam blinked and shook his head. "Actually, that won't be necessary. Your coffee idea sounds good. I keep a pot of freshly brewed in my office, you're welcome to join me and we can go over my expectations."
Holly nodded. "Sounds great." Her arm swept outward. "Lead the way." Score one for her. She'd taken him from frustrated to intrigued in under a minute. If her introduction indicated the way things might go, she'd never have a dull moment.
Exactly the way she liked things.

Honestly, there's not much more ready to go yet. But Holly will sort of shake things up for Sam. She's not the type of assistant he's used to dealing with even though they're both wildly attracted to each other. I can't wait to find out how she's going to rock his world. LOL

And that's it for this week.

Happy Reading!


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