Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Calling Bull

Hello! First up, I'm happy to say I'll be celebrating twenty-four years of marriage as of tomorrow, April 22.

I'm lucky enough to have found a great guy who puts up with my overwhelming need to write and create. He may not always get the why, but he gets the need and stands behind me. Pretty great, no?

Happy anniversary, wonderful man!

Tonight's post is from a short story entitled, Calling Bull. It could expand out to a full novella, but right now the characters are focused on each other in three scenes. A fourth is niggling in the background but hasn't fleshed itself out yet. J

Here's the tagline:

No one knows Ivy better than Ward. A fact she truly hates sometimes. But when he pushes her into a corner, she either comes out swinging or learns to forgive and forget.

Here's the snippety peek…

Ward's mouth snapped shut the same moment Ivy's dropped open.
Her finger jabbed him in the chest. "I called it first." She whirled around and stalked toward the door.
Ward snorted. "You did not. I've been calling it for years, Ivy. Years." He drew the word out for emphasis.
She stopped, her shoulders going squared. Her head tilted to the side and Ward braced for impact. Or an uppercut to the jaw.
Neither came.
Ivy slowly turned, facing him and holding his gaze. He'd be damned if he'd look away first.
He didn't have to. Ivy got a faraway quality in her eyes, and when she opened her mouth, she spoke very, very quietly.
"Your words may be true, but this time, Ward…this time you crossed a line." Her gaze snapped back, clear and focused. "And I'm definitely putting you on notice. Do not ever go there again."
She calmly turned around and exited the room. Not even slamming the door as usual.
His nostrils flared. He wouldn't have to go there if she'd just take a damn moment and think before she acted. Just once.
Right. Ivy rarely thought anything through, working on pure instinct and gut reactions. He'd been harsh, bringing up her partner's death, but hells bells, she'd damned near gotten a rookie killed with her balls to the wall, high speed chase last night.

Gotta love it when your immediate superior knows exactly which button to push to get a reaction. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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