Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Toying with Desire

April 7, 2013

Hello! Had a lovely, lovely spring weather day. Sooooo nice to get outside and enjoy it. All day long. LOL

Tonight's post is about Toying with Desire, a manuscript about halfway completed. Carly and Zeke have been so much fun to write. And Carly's best friend Todd is a hoot to make up dialog for. :D

Here's the tagline:

Carly Johnson, a savvy business owner who sells sex toys, isn't looking for love…her track record is terrible. But when she meets Zeke Moran, under less than stellar circumstances, sparks fly and Carly wants to take a chance…but first he has to get over his preconceived ideas about her career.

And here's the snippety peek…

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?"
Carly Johnson looked up from the conversation she'd been engaged in to see what caused all the fuss...or whom.
Oh my. Yum in the flesh. Tall, with dark hair that brushed his shirt collar and muscles that moved nicely underneath the fabric. Oh, and about a days growth of stubble on his face.
She had a weakness for that.
Mr. Scruffy Good-Looking stormed past the tables, headed in her direction. Apparently his question had been for her.  
Carly blinked and tilted her head sideways a bit. What did he mean?
She'd find out soon enough. Scruffy Good-Looking stopped just inches from her, standing toe to toe, up close and personal like.
"You've got no right telling my sister—" He broke off abruptly.
Must've realized every eye in the room had become trained on him. Like he'd sold tickets to a floor show…and he'd just offered himself as the main attraction.
He took a moment and lowered his voice with a visible effort. "You've got no right telling her…well…what you told her."
Carly didn't look away from the angry man. Shocked at his verbal attack, she noticed two things. All attention focused on them and Todd, her best friend, had risen from his seat and stood, watchfully, ready to do battle.
She held her hand up and shook her head. She didn't need assistance. It did her proud that although he remained standing, he relaxed his stance.
And that let her focus on Mr. SGL. Who happened to be still in her face. "First? Step. Back." Carly spoke quietly, but her tone brooked no argument. "Invading my personal space does not guarantee I'll listen to, or hear anything, you say." When he took a step backwards, she breathed a little easier. "Thank you."
She pushed away from the bar and glanced around to see all eyes still on them. "Second? If you'd like to discuss whatever your drama is, I'll be happy to accommodate you." She threw up a warning hand when his mouth opened again. "But let's take it outside, okay?" She didn't wait for his answer…just neatly sidestepped around him to head for the door.
"Why?" His voice rose again. "Afraid to answer in front of all these good people?" It was almost sneered instead of spoken. "Scared they'll think less of you?"
Carly turned. "Oh…I'm not worried for me." She'd known most of the people in the bar over half her life. "I'm not ashamed of what I do." She smiled prettily.  "I was actually trying to spare you the public humiliation of making a complete ass out of yourself, but hey…a little late for that." She shoved at the door. "I'll give you five minutes…then I'm outta here." Again, she didn't wait for a response. She walked outside and let the chilly night air cool her down.

Ohh, boy. Zeke's got his work cut out. I have a feeling Carly is not at all what he expected. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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