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Sunday Snippet: Five Minutes

May 5, 2013


I spent the entire day out in the gorgeous weather! Seriously, it's so great to have an actual spring season. Usually it seems like we go from really crisp and cold to horribly hot and humid within a twenty-four hour period. Mild temps and lovely breezes are made of awesome. :D

I'm spending my night with Stonebridge and Scott from Strike Back. Two more episodes of the third season and I get to play the waiting game for the fourth. Maybe I'll have to rewatch the episodes a couple of times to make the wait more bearable. :D And hey, there're two more eps of Arrow, so there's that. J

Tonight's post is from Five Minutes, a short story centered around how much can be gained or lost in a very brief span of time. Is it worth the risk? Remy and Eli will find out. J

Here's the tagline:

Remy Deeds never welches on a bet, until she lost to Eli Rogers, who can't understand why she backs out. But a five minute kiss, with tongue, isn't something she wants to risk, because giving up her last pack of coffee is so much easier than possibly losing her heart.

Here's a snippety peek…

"I already told you, I'm not going to do it." Remy flopped down on the cot and did her best to ignore Eli.
Eli stalked over to her locker and yanked it open. "I want the coffee then." He stood back and swept his arm toward the messy confines. "Now."
Remy sat up, swinging her feet over the edge of the thin mattress. "Seriously. You're going to make me give up the coffee?" The damned man knew she'd go off the deep end if she didn't have her daily fix of caffeine.
Eli shrugged. "You could always do what Harry suggested the first time. It is what you agreed to." He crossed his arms in front of him and lifted a brow.
Damn, damn, damn. How could she explain why kissing the team leader, with tongue, for five minutes…in front of everyone, would prove to be the worst of the worst ideas? Straight up fact? She couldn't. Not if she didn't want the entire group to know how much she had the hots for him.
She jerked her head back and forth. "Um no. That's not gonna happen." She refused to say more.
Eli didn't push to find out why. "Then hand it over. You reneged, you forfeit what I want." His head angled toward the open locker.
"Fine." Remy got up and rifled through the contents, slapping the bag of coffee into his palm when she found it. "Take it."
Eli turned and started out, but stopped before he reached the door. "No, I want a reason. Would kissing me really bug you that much?"
Remy frowned. "Didn't say that, did I?" She busied her hands, pulling items out of the messy locker and putting them back in.
Eli pushed. "Then what the hell is it, Remy? You obviously don't want to give this up." He waved the bag back and forth.
She shrugged. "Whatever, it's no big deal. Just take it." She turned around and grimaced.
What an idiot. Her utter need for caffeine made it a big deal. And Eli would absolutely clue in on her verbal misstep.
Eli scoffed. "It's not a big deal? I'm not stupid, Rem. You're giving up your morning fix for what? A kiss, Remy. A kiss." He emphasized the last word.
She felt small and petty. He would consider her behavior juvenile.
Time to come clean.
Remy spoke quietly. "No, Eli. It's not. It's five minutes, with tongue. That's not just a kiss."
The light went on. "Ah." He inclined his head, getting it.
She snorted. "Yeah, ah. You get it now." She hated making the admission.
He cocked his head. "You're worried it'll get too heated, yeah?" He set the bag of coffee on the nightstand.
She gave a jerky nod. "Among other things." Shit. She needed to shut up. Now.
Remy sank down onto the cot and zipped her lips.
Eli dropped down next to her. "Now I'm curious. What other things, Remy." His voice rasped and he cleared his throat.
Remy pulled her legs up and swiveled around, leaning back. "Shut up, Eli. And take your coffee with you."
His lips quirked. "I don't think so. You have to do better than that, Remy."

If all goes well, the entire short story will take place in the one area and be tightly focused on the emotional back and forth between the characters. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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