Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Busted in Bubbles


Happy Father's Day to all the great and wonderful dads out there, my own included. :D

It's fun to reflect on my relationship with my dad. We didn't always see eye to eye and had a few rocky years to get through—I even moved in with my Gram (his mom) at one point. I think it's why I love to write about troubled waters between dads and sons and/or daughters. In my case, I got lucky and my dad and I grew as individuals and found our common ground. My husband and his father never quite got to a place where they could embrace their differences and discuss them without rancor.

Tonight's post is from Busted in Bubbles, which I've recently showcased here, but the relationship between Emsley and her dad is touched on and I thought it fitting to feature it again. While my dad isn't a criminal, I do have personal experience working with him—my dad and I (and my two brothers) worked for the same company for almost ten years and often had to check the personal relationship at the door—so much easier said than done. J

Here's the tagline again:

Emsley and Rayne turn up at the same conventions several times a year and Emsley always short sheets Rayne's bed. Imagine her surprise when she lets herself into his cabin to follow tradition and discovers Rayne soaking in a tub full of bubbles. Busted, she can flee the scene or…join a very hot man for some bath time fun.

And another snippety peek…

Emsley Bourne smiled, whistling a happy tune when she pulled the drapes over the array of product displayed on the booth tables. The day's sales were the best her company had so far this season. And she'd copped the biggest score to date. She'd like to see her two co-workers top it.
Right. Wouldn't happen. One sale had put her way over quota…maybe for the year. Not bad for someone who grew up surrounded by criminal elements.
Emsley's client wondered how she'd gotten so good at knowing every product inside out and upside down. She explained she field tested every one. In the safety of their production center, of course. But her experience ran far and wide. And she kept her skills up to date.
Usually with harmless pranks. And most of the time with no one being the wiser.
"Emsley?" Tisha Gordo called from the side exit. "They're ready to lock the place down until it's time to load up in the morning. You coming?"
Emsley nodded, letting the last bit of fabric fall to cover product. "Yeah. All set." She met Tish at the door. "Are you hitting up the fancy pants dinner?"
Tish rubbed her hand over her tummy. "Mmm. You better know it. I can't wait to feast on the fabulous grub."
Emsley laughed. Tish could put away food like no one else. And her tiny frame never showed a trace of it.
Tish cocked her head to the side. "You're skipping it, aren't you?"
Emsley chuckled. "You might know me a little too well. Yeah, I'm bowing out. I'll hold off until the final night per usual."
Tish jerked her head back and forth. "You and your weird traditions. Then again, after today, you could pack up and head home. Skip the rest of the conventions scheduled this year, so the rest of us can earn some commissions."
Emsley wrinkled her nose. "Where's the fun in that? Besides, if I'm not around, you'd never get a pee break during the day."
Tisha growled. "Don't remind me. Stupid Bobby thinks women should have bigger bladders."
Emsley snorted. "No, the moron just heads for the back area and takes a piss in a bottle when nobody's around." She should know…she'd caught him.
Tish grimaced. "Did you really have to tell me that?" She paused outside her room. "Now I need to shower to get rid of the creepy feeling."
Emsley shrugged. "Yeah, sorry about that. Enjoy your feasting."
Tish used her keycard and entered the room, waving a farewell over her shoulder. Emsley turned and made a beeline across the hall and let herself into her own. She had maybe three minutes to change and get her traditional conference fun underway.
She loved to race against a ticking clock.

Needless to say, Emsley's dad made some very interesting career choices. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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