Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Green-Eyed Monster


It's been a rather trying week on the personal front. It's funny how that happens. Little annoyances pop up when least expected and sometimes snowball into raging nightmares. LOL

Seriously, not quite that bad, and thankfully nothing with immediate family. J

Tonight's post is from Green-Eyed Monster, a novella where jealousy rears its ugly head…maybe too late for Dani to get the man she's always wanted. J

Here's the tagline:

Dani works undercover sting operations and inadvertently shoots the girlfriend of Neal, one her co-workers. When the green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its head, Dani isn't sure how to help Neal through the trauma, but she'll move whatever stands in the way to make sure he's happy.

And a snippety peek…

Dani dropped by the hospital to check on Kyra's status. Neal sat, slumped in a chair beside the bed, his head thrown back against the cushion. Dani didn't like the ugly jealousy swirling in her heart. Of course he'd be concerned enough to stay with Kyra.
Dani stepped into the room, letting the door close softly behind her. "I'm sorry I ruined your date." She spoke quietly, in case he slept.
Neal angled his head toward her, his lips quirking briefly. "You didn't. Sasha Chan pretty much had that covered." He turned his face away, his eyes gazing upward. "I think the universe is trying to tell me something." A heavy sigh escaped and his eyes closed.
Dani weighed her guilt against trying to find out what Neal meant. Her curiosity won out.
Moving further into the room, she laid a hand on his shoulder. He glanced up then over to the prone figure of Kyra. Blowing out a long exhale, he rose and worked the kinks from his shoulders.
His head jerked toward the door. "Come on. You can buy me a coffee and I'll explain."
The fact she didn't have to voice the question cemented itself to her brain. He always had an uncanny ability of knowing her thoughts…sometimes before she even did. She'd never had the kinship with anyone she had with him.
Too bad she realized how deeply they'd connected after he'd finally given up on her.
Following Neal out into the corridor, she turned and nodded toward the elevator. "Cafeteria is still open. Have you eaten since—" She stopped, unwilling to put a voice to her role in Kyra's shooting.
Neal shrugged. "Been a little preoccupied."
Dani laid a hand on his arm. "Then chow's on me. You need more than a caffeine high. You gotta eat, Neal."
He hesitated, shifting his gaze toward the door. Dani's heart sank. He'd go back in, and she wouldn't have a chance to find out what had him tied up in knots.
Aside from her part in almost killing his girlfriend.
Heaving a sigh, he headed in the direction of the elevator.
Dani let out the breath she held and followed him. She'd have her chance to be there for Neal, to dig down and drag out whatever put the weariness in his eyes. The bone-tired expression started way before their botched sting, and she aimed to set his world right again.
Lord knew she'd done enough to make it wrong.

Dani and Neal have an interesting conversation…and she tries really hard to set the jealousy aside and truly be there for him. But Neal won't make it easy. Where's the fun in that, right?

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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