Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Just Dessert


I hope everyone had a great Fourth and enjoyed lots of pretty fireworks and great food. I'm lucky and get to watch another extravaganza next weekend. :D

Tonight's post is from Just Dessert, another short in the Black Unicorn Press 'verse. Brian and Lucy get to remember how they got together. Fun times!!

Here's the tagline:

On Brian and Lucy's anniversary, they receive a gift from his gran that has the couple reliving their first night together.

Here's a snippety peek…

Lucy Sanderson put her key in the slot, unlocked the door, and tried to push it open. "Well, hell." She gave the wood surface a shove with her hip and it finally swung inward, but only partially.
Just enough so Lucy could peer around and see what blocked the progress. "Brian!  Did you order something for delivery?" He knew better than to arrange for anything to be brought during convention season.
Struggling with her keys and luggage, she heaved a sigh. "Bri—"
"Right here, Luce. And no, didn't order anything." He set his overnight bag on the floor and angled sideways to fit through the door.
Moving a large box out of the way, he made room for Lucy to enter their apartment. She dropped her carry-on and rolled the suitcase to sit beside it.
"Well, what the hell? I didn't either. Wonder if Els went online shopping and gave the wrong address again." Her brother sometimes forgot when they'd be out of town for extended periods.
Brian turned the oversized container around and looked at the shipping label. "Nope." He glanced up. "It's from my gran." A wide grin split his face. "And it's for you and me."
Lucy chuckled. The last time Celia Wells sent something from the UK, it only had Lucy's name on it. Brian took offense until he saw the pretty tri-fold organizer the older woman sent so Lucy could stash all their carryout and delivery menus in something other than the haphazard heap she normally left on the counter in the kitchen. Since he'd been bugging her to clear the mess, he laughed out loud when he read his grandmother's pithy message attached with a sticky note. Simply, it read: This should help keep the peace.
"I wonder what she decided we need this time." Walking over to the desk, Lucy grabbed a pair of scissors and handed them over to Brian. "Open it. Let's see what Gran sent this time."
Brian snipped the tape and ran the pointed edge down the center of the box between the flaps. Flipping them up, he reached in and dragged out a huge picnic basket filled to the brim. A purple envelope stuck up toward the back and Brian grabbed it, handing it over to Lucy. She worked on getting it unsealed while he dug through the items in the huge hamper.
"Geez, Luce. She sent a veritable feast."
Several types of crackers, jams, and summer sausages, along with two flavors of wine quickly made their way to the area outside the basket. Brian dug around and found plates, utensils, and goblets and finally, taper candles with crystal holders.
He looked up, confusion knitting his brow. "What's this all about?"
Lucy waved the card back and forth. "Let's see, yeah?" She showed him the front, a quilted pattern in a bright riot of colors. "The outside says, 'For You', and the inside…" She opened and read the feathery scrawl out loud. "'Here's to my absolute favourite couple, celebrating their anniversary. Enjoy an evening in, on me. Love, Gran.'" Lucy paused. "Shit. It has been two years since we got together." She shot Brian a look. "Did you remember?"
He shrugged. "We've been a little busy." His lips quirked. "That's what I have a gran for."
Lucy snorted and scanned the rest of the card then laughed. "There's more. She added a post script. 'I would've sent a cake, but I figured Lucy would have dessert covered."
Brian's mouth dropped open. "Luce, you didn't tell her how we got together, did you?" His cheeks flushed red.
Lucy barked out a laugh. "Brian, have you met your gran? The woman has a wicked sense of humor." She walked over and plopped down beside Brian on the floor. "And have you ever tried to not tell her something when she really wants to know?"
Brian eased back and braced his shoulders against the wall. "Oh yeah. I've tried and failed." He chuckled then tugged Lucy up onto his lap. "So, two years, Luce. I can honestly say I've never, ever had a better dessert than the one we shared our first night together." His lips nuzzled her ear.
Lucy angled around. "Yeah, me too, Brian." She leaned in and captured his mouth for a quick kiss. "Even if it was five o'clock in the morning."
Brian snickered. "Best time for dessert, ever."
Lucy couldn't disagree. It proved to be the perfect time, after spending the entire night talking at the office, to ask Brian over for a sweet treat. Her decision to become the tasty delight never seemed to bother him—he'd been with her ever since…

I love writing these brief little peeks into Brian and Lucy's world. The duo is sooooo much fun!

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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