Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Merry and Bright

July 14, 2013

After what seems likes months of rain, we got an actual hot, steamy summer day. I'd almost forgotten what getting hit in the face with a blast of humidity felt like. LOL Relearned pretty quickly though. :D

Tonight's post helps me remember the cold, frigid weather of winter. It's from an upcoming submission for a special call with Silver Publishing (if I get the manuscript completed on time. LOL). Merry and Bright will feature three people who decide spending the holidays together is way better than going it solo…especially when they end up getting festive in bed. :D

Here's the tagline:

Presley Griffith can't go home for the holidays and instead of being alone, she ends up in bed with Frazier Boyle and Gunnar Stewart. The cop and the firefighter heat things up and cool them down and Presley can't think of a better way to be merry and bright.

And a snippety peek…

Presley awoke slowly, by degrees, her senses registering one by one. The first…hearing rhythmic sounds of breathing—not hers—surrounding her on both sides. Next came smell, the subtle aroma of male, female, and sex hovered in the air, a perfect blend of three into one. Smiling, her tongue darted out, wetting her lips and the taste of Frazier with a side of Gunnar had her shifting, stretching, and sighing with remembered pleasure.
Still on the fringes of wakefulness, Presley discovered the delicious feeling of Frazier's fingers gliding over her clit, making her wet, had woken her. Gunnar worked her breasts, his big hands kneading both. A shudder rippled through her. Her eyes popped open when she realized last night hadn't been a dream. Her gaze met Frazier's and she blinked, grasping for something intelligent to say. Why didn't some kind of etiquette manual exist for how to greet the two men she'd had sex with the night before—at the same time?
Frazier picked up his pace and she fought the urge to buck up against his hand. Gunnar tweaked her nipples and she held back a gasp.
Huffing out a breath, she spoke to neither man in particular. "Um, good morning? Er, no, I mean Merry Christmas, right?" A groan escaped before she could prevent it.
How much more stupid could she sound?
Frazier's lips quirked, but his gaze remained steady. "You're not feeling awkward, are you?" His fingers swirled around her bundle of nerves and she bit back a moan. "Because we don't want you to feel anything but pure pleasure, right, Gunnar?"
Gunnar tugged lightly on the taut nubs between his fingers. "Exactly, right, Fraz." His hands palmed her breasts, his fingers massaging the flesh. "Are you feeling merry and bright, Presley?"
She shuddered again. "God, yes."
Leaning forward, she caught Frazier's lips in a heated kiss the exact moment he pushed two fingers inside her wet sheath. Her hands smoothed down his chest and over his taut abdomen, going lower to find his swollen erection waiting for her grasp.
Grabbing hold, she tugged gently, marveling anew over how perfectly he'd fit inside her. Breaking the kiss, she angled her head around to meet Gunnar's lips in a passionate embrace, sliding her tongue inside his mouth to explore at leisure. His hard length rested between the cheeks of her ass and she pushed back, drawing a moan from him.
"Watching you two kiss is hot as hell." Frazier's lips found her throat and sucked lightly at the skin.
If possible, he grew harder in her hand and Presley wanted nothing more than to have him buried deep inside her again. Couldn't wait to have both wrapped around her and bringing her untold bliss in the process.
Easing back from the kiss, she demanded. "More. I want more."
The guys jockeyed their positions, Gunner moving his cock down and lifting her leg to drape it over his hip. Frazier got up on his knees and moved up, putting his hard, fat length close to her face. Presley licked her lips and opened wide, sliding her mouth over the large head and taking as much of him as could. Swirling her tongue around the velvety shaft, she slowly pulled back and eased forward until she got a good rhythm going.
Frazier's fingers threaded through her hair, keeping it out of her face. Gunnar slid his fingers along her folds then coated his long cock with her juices. He teased at her entrance, pushing only the head inside before pulling out, again and again, until Presley whimpered around Frazier's dick.
"Give it to her, Gunnar. She's been a very good girl, don't you think." Frazier dropped a hand to play with a nipple.
Gunnar thrust hard, seating himself fully.
Presley pulled back, Frazier's heavy girth leaving her mouth with a loud pop. "Oh, God, that feels good." She wriggled her hips, grinding her ass into Gunnar's groin before resuming the task of sucking Frazier.
Lots of good cheer going around in Presley's apartment. And still plenty of awkward to deal with afterwards. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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