Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Selling Tickets

September 1, 2013


Yeesh, first day of September. That means the holidays are just around the corner. I know, right? How is that possible? According to our local Dollar General, Halloween stuff has to be displayed before the kids even go back to school the third week of August. *shakes head* I fully expect to see Christmas stuff out within the next two weeks. *shudder*

Tonight's post isn't about the holidays—thank the universe. LOL Selling Tickets is about two friends who work together and know each other well. Sometimes that combination leads to a whole lot more. J

Here's the tagline:

Kurt Trevarthan owns a popular night club and trusts Winnie Clay, one of his oldest friends, to keep things running smoothly. He never dreams he'll have to rely on her when his old man shows up—after a decade away—on the anniversary of Kurt's mom's death, but Winnie comes through and keeps the Trevarthan men from killing each other.

And a snippety peek…

"Move along. Nothing to see here, people." Winnie elbowed her way through the crowd towards the back exit, making room for Kurt.
Kurt dragged his drunken father, watching the man carefully, trying to make sure he didn't throw any punches. He totally didn't need a police raid on top of his dad's antics. Winnie hit the release for the back exit and threw the door open, propping it with her shoulder. "Get out of the way. We're not selling tickets. Geez, you idiots."
She lifted a hand and rubbed at her temples, the thumping bass of the DJ's jam probably adding to her headache. Kurt got behind his dad and marched him outside, making a sharp left at the exit. Winnie slammed the door shut and secured the lock so no one could follow.
Ken mumbled. "What's goin' on?" He glanced around, shivering. "It's cold out here. Wanna go back inside."
He started to turn around but Kurt blocked his path.
"I don't think so, Dad." He nudged Ken to the left, directing him towards the steps leading to his office—and sanctuary.
Winnie clamped her hand on Kurt's shoulder. "Don't, Kurt. Let me get my car and I'll drive him home. Don't let him invade your space. Not tonight."
Kurt shot her a quick look. "No way, Win. You know what he's like when he gets this drunk. You'd be lucky to make it out of the parking lot."
Winnie sighed. "Then let me help you get him down the steps."
She moved forward and got a good grip on Ken's arm. Kurt didn't argue. His old man made a heavy burden.
And Winnie's presence might just keep Kurt from trying to murder the elder Trevarthan.
Kurt grunted when his dad lurched sideways. "Ten years, Win. It's been a damned decade since I've seen the guy." He glanced across the stairwell. "Why now? And how the hell did he find me?"
Winnie got a better hold on Ken, propping her shoulder under his armpit. "You're not that hard track, Kurt. Your name's been attached to everything from the legal documents to set this place up to the transfer of ownership of the building. Any moron with access to public records could find you."
Kurt growled. "Remind me to listen to you next time, okay?" He stopped at the bottom of the steps and keyed his security code into the panel on the wall.
The door snicked open and Kurt got behind his old man and gave him a shove through the opening. Ken stumbled and dropped to his knees. Winnie stepped inside and blocked Kurt's entry.
"Uh uh. You go back up and keep things hopping. I'll deal with your dad." She pressed her hand against his chest and pushed.
Kurt sighed. "I can't ask you to stay down here, Win."
She snorted. "You're not. I'm volunteering." She grabbed hold of the heavy steel door. "Your face is the one they'll need to see. Otherwise your opening night will be all about damage control instead of celebration."
Kurt shot a glance toward his dad. "Not much to celebrate when the old man shows up."
Winnie moved forward, partially closing the door behind her. "Forget your dad. Remember your mom and why you chose tonight as opening night."
Kurt smiled and nodded. "I named the place after her. To honor her life."
Winnie grinned. "So go honor it."
Kurt grasped her hand. "Thanks, Win. I'll be down right after closing."

Wait until Kurt finds out Winnie is the one who brought his dad to town. He's not going to be a happy fellow. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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