Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Down the Middle


Imagine my embarrassment when I realized the Arrow midseason finale actually happened this past Wednesday instead of last week? LOL Oh well, one great thing came out of it…I got a new ep of Arrow and it was AWESOME!! And if the CW doesn't make Flash (or whatever they end up calling it) a series in the very near future, I'm gonna wonder where their brains are. LOL

Shifting gears (pun intended), Sons of Anarchy completely messed with my head. As mentioned, Kurt Sutter rarely goes where I think he will, and he had me going right until the last act of the episode. I pretty much stood up and yelled at the TV, then prayed for someone else's death… which didn't happen, dammit. But in retrospect, I'm actually sort of glad. I now know exactly how I want the final scene of SOA to play out… and if I don't get it, well, Sutter certainly won't give a hang, but I'll be sorely disappointed. I'm at a place with the show where retribution HAS to happen or I'll pretty much feel like it wasn't work seven years of my life. :D

Okay, enough about television this week, more to come about Sleepy Hollow and other shows soon. Tonight's post is from Down the Middle, a novella with the main characters finding some common ground.

Here's the tagline:

Bounty hunter Ursa Goode always gets her man… if Jake Weatherwax doesn't beat her to him. But when a target escapes and comes after her, Ursa has to take Jake up on his offer to work together and split the reward right down the middle. The need for a partner rubs her wrong, but Jake definitely doesn't.

And a snippety peek…

Jake threw up a hand. "You're too fucking close to this whole deal, Ursa. You need someone to pull you back from the edge so you don't go flying off." He shot her a point blank look. "Can't work if you're dead. And you're gonna be dead if you keep taking stupid chances." He turned and paced. "This guy isn't stupid. He knows you, Ursa. Knows how you think." He stopped and met her gaze again. "He pushes every, single button you have."
Ursa tilted her head, considering Jake's laundry list of reasons, focusing in on the important face. "But he doesn't know you." Guy had a steel trap mind, she'd give him that.
Jake grinned wide. "Exactly. He can't predict my every move."
Ursa pondered the suggestion. She didn't like to answer to anyone… but Jake had a valid argument. She did have too much personal baggage with Llewellyn. Changing up her game could only help her win.
She accepted his offer. "So… fifty-fifty split?"
Jake's lips quirked. "Right down the middle." His hand shot out to seal the deal.
Ursa grasped his palm, shaking and giving her word. Jake tightened his grip and tugged her forward, getting up close and personal.
He laid it out. "One thing. If you go off half-cocked again or pull anything solo, I'll shoot you myself." He let go of her hand. "Are we clear?"
She stepped back, resisting the urge to punch him. "Completely." She laid out a rule of her own. "If you ever get in my face like that again, I'll crush your balls in a vice grip." She smirked. "Got it?"
He winced, but nodded. "Understood." He put some additional space between them. "For the record, it's not my style, but your track record isn't the greatest. I needed to make a fast point."
She smiled. "As long as we understand each other." She turned and grabbed her jacket from the chair. "I've got a contact in the brewery district that should be able to point us in a general direction." She glanced back over her shoulder. "You coming?"
He rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Let's go." He retrieved his coat from a hook on the wall.
Ursa opened the door and exited his apartment, a slow grin spreading over her face. Working with someone, no, working with Jake, might just prove to be fun.

And so begins the working relationship. Wonder if it'll spill over into the personal. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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