Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Drag Out the List

Happy Almost Holidays!

The family and I are thisclose to being ready for the merry season. We always wait and decorate the tree a day or two before December 25 so the lights are strung, but nothing else until tomorrow. :D

I'm watching holiday episodes of my favorite TV shows. Warehouse 13, Eureka, Doctor Who, and last year's Arrow episode, Year's End. Up next is Leverage with the Ho, Ho, Ho Job. :D

Tonight's post is from Drag Out the List, a short story where my two main characters discuss a certain list one has and fun ensues. :D

Here's the tagline:

Velma and Kade have loads of sexual tension, but Velma keeps him at arm's length. Kade gets the why, but when she pushes him a little too far he turns the tables on her and she ends up in a compromising position—number seventeen on his list.

And a snippety peek…

Kade heaved a sigh. Velma hadn't let up for days. Prancing around the beach with her hot sky blue bikini top and cut off, white denim shorts? Took her sexy teasing one step too far.
Really, Kade? Dozens of females wearing tiny two pieces flitted back and forth on the sand. Kade roundly cursed his stupid inner voice for pointing out the flaw in his logic. None of the dozens of other women were Velma, the single person on the planet that could make his dick hard with a sultry glance. And she damned well understood her effect on him, too.
That part irritated Kade. After talking to Howie, he got the why of holding back and not getting involved. And Kade enjoyed the flirty banter, but just because he understood Velma's hesitation didn't mean she could use him for kicks without consequences.
He needed to find a moment alone with her and Kade finally caught her in a cabana room.
"Look, Velma, I enjoy the fun and games, but you're pushing it a little, don't you think?"
Velma lowered her gaze. "Maybe." She shrugged. "But like you said, you don't mind, right?"
He smirked. "No, not really. But…" He moved forward, invading her personal space. "There are going to be repercussions."
She snorted. "Like what?"
Kade flexed his fingers and started with her sides. Velmo lost it, laughing and twisting around trying to get away. He kept hold, and she finally grabbed at his hands and dragged him down with her to the sandy floor. He landed on top of her, but broke his fall by bracing his hands on either side of her body.
Velma dragged in several deep breaths, then lifted a brow. "Well, Kade… now that you have me right where you want me… what are you gonna do?"
Kade pondered a moment. "I think I might have to go for number seventeen on my list."


Velma's eyes widened. "You have a list?" The thought made her heart race, especially since he made it sound like he'd been thinking about her a lot.
Kade huffed out a harsh breath. "Damn right. Don't you?" He lowered down onto an elbow, settling onto his side, but keeping her in place.
Velma chuckled. "Not that I'd ever admit to having."
A big grin crossed his face. "Ah, but you see, you just did." He waggled his eyebrows.
Velma laughed. "Okay, you've got me there." She shoved her hand against his chest. "Now let me up." His close proximity made her want things she shouldn't have.
Kade did a quick back and forth with his head. "Nope. Not quite yet."
Her eyes narrowed. "Why not?"
A slow smile spread across his face. "Because I haven't done this yet."
Her breath caught when his head lowered, his warm mouth capturing hers in a firm kiss. His tongue slipped past her lips before she could even think about it. She moaned and cupped his face, bringing him closer, deepening the embrace. Good god, the man had a hot mouth.
And she wanted to find out exactly how much heat they could generate.

If all goes well, it'll be tons of heat. :D :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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