Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Snippet: Drowning Pull

I hope everyone survived the holiday!

My family had a wonderful day—no traveling, just staying home all nice and cozy with our new tech gear and good food. I watched more holiday television episodes and said good-bye to Matt Smith's Doctor. I'm still not quite settled in with the idea of the new actor, but I'll give him a chance.

Looking forward to my fave shows returning. Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Walking Dead, Sherlock, and probably a few I’m forgetting at the moment. Currently watching a Farscape marathon on Pivot then switching over to some recorded stuff I haven't watched yet.

Tonight's post is from the novella, Drowning Pull. The characters have an instant spark, but circumstances keep them from pursuing the electric connection.

Here's the tagline:

Lane Addison drowns his grief over losing his brother in alcohol, until a blonde distraction sits down beside him. Injured and off the circuit, Weslee decides to have a pity party for one until she sees someone deeper in the well than she is. A hot hook-up later, Lane thinks he's found the perfect woman in Weslee, until she mentions her fiancé.

And the snippety peek…

Lane woke up slowly, with a clear head and vision. He hadn't had that experience since his brother's funeral. Weslee. The name popped into his head at the same moment her thigh brushed over his when she stirred in her slumber. A ghost of a smiled cracked his lips before he sobered and wrapped an arm around her.
She'd given him a gift the night before. Listened to him, commiserated, and shared a major setback she'd recently had. Not exactly standard relationship building blocks, but nothing remotely typical happened in his life since Liam's death. He'd connected with Weslee, bonded with her, and he wanted an opportunity to explore with more depth.
He traced a finger along her jawline and her eyelids fluttered open. "Morning."
Her eyelids fluttered open and a satisfied smile curved her lips. "Morning." She rolled onto her side and stretched the sleepy kinks out.
Lane propped his head on his hand and admired her sleekly muscled curves. He'd already fallen for her personality, the incredible form counted as a bonus. Weslee yawned and relaxed.
Lane leaned in and dropped a kiss on her shoulder. "Thank you. Last night was… wonderful."
Weslee flicked her gaze sideways. "Yeah, it was. More than I expected, too."
Lane bit back a grin. "Maybe we can get together next week? Do dinner or something?"
Weslee frowned and she heaved a sigh. "I'd love to, but well…" Her eyes closed then popped open again. "About that…" She sat up, dragging the sheet up to her shoulders. "You see, next week won't work, or really any time after that."
A sharp stab of dread hit Lane in the gut. He scrambled up and around, facing Weslee.
She wouldn't meet his gaze and the sick ball in the pit of his stomach turned into a harsh throb.
Weslee finally lifted her chin and looked him in the eye. "I'm, well, engaged to Brad Young. I can't do a repeat of last night. I'm sorry."
Lane flinched. A physical blow would've stung less.
He leapt off the bed, grabbing his jeans and dragging them on. "Right, then. Time for me to leave." He yanked his T-shirt over his head. "I can find my way out."
He should have known. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Thought he'd met someone great, but instead he'd found a woman who wanted a hard cock and nothing else.
He stomped through the living room and grabbed his jacket off the back of the couch. He swung his gaze toward the bedroom. Weslee fought a battle with the sheets, trying to get untangled. Good. He had nothing else to say and no desire to hear a 'thanks for the great sex' good-bye.
He flipped the deadbolt, twisted the knob, and pulled the door open, exiting into the hallway. Scanning both directions, he remembered where the elevators were and turned left. Halfway down the hall, he glanced up and wouldn't it just figure… found none other than Brad Young strolling down the corridor.
Brushing past the athlete, Lane muttered. "Good luck, buddy. You're gonna need it."
Brad stopped short, but Weslee burst into the hall, the white sheet wrapped around her. Yeah, not obvious at all what Lane had been talking about. Lane shook his head and kept on moving in the direction of the elevator.
Weslee could sink or swim on her own.

Sorry to leave it there, but no worries… Lane and Weslee will figure it all out. It might just take a while. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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