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Sunday Snippet: Fantasy Exchange


Okay, gotta say it. I totally didn't see the finale for Sleepy Hollow coming at all. I had a working theory that the sheriff would somehow be a descendant of Crane's. The sin eater? Not so much. Good crap, I love this show.

Let's see, what else? Arrow rocked it, per usual. I've seen a number of 'meh, this felt like a season one episode' on twitter and tumblr, and that's cool, but I like the episodes that slow down a little and focus on, or spotlight, specific characters. I completely see how others can consider it a hot mess of an episode, but I almost always find something interesting that comes into play later or a seemingly insignificant moment that ends up being big later. So yeah, I kinda love what I've come to call 'groundwork' episodes. J Arrow writers… you just keep doing what you're doing.

Banshee still has me looking forward to Friday nights. Lost Girl is changing up the game with everyone and I kinda love it. I also gave Bitten a whirl and well, I'm in. Didn't know if I would like the premise, but oddly found myself thinking about the episodes at random points during the day. Always a sign I'm hooked. J

That's it in television news. Writing has been good this week. Maybe it's the weather, with six to nine inches of snow, the sweeping, shoveling, and blowing gives me time to ponder storylines. LOL Tonight's post is from Fantasy Exchange, a novella where a group of cops or soldiers (the sages won't settle on which one) have some downtime and decide to name their ultimate fantasy. My main characters try really hard NOT to name each other. J

Here's the tagline:

Kelsey Drum and Vas Batista harbor sexy feelings about each other. When they're in a position to exchange fantasies Kelsey goes for it, but Vas is the team leader and holds back, which doesn't make Kelsey a happy second in command.

And the snippety peek…

Kelsey kicked back, downing a shot of bourbon. She couldn't wait to hear who Mal Birdman fantasized about. Wait. Unless she topped the list. She held back a shudder. She might have to punch him in the face if he named her.
Howie nodded toward Mal. "Bird Dog? Who's your ultimate fantasy?"
Mal lifted a shoulder. "I've got a bunch, but that master of arms on base is who I dreamed about last night."
Howie's eyes widened. "Dude, she's a lesbian. You don’t stand a chance."
Mal snorted. "Tell that to my dick. She's been popping in and out of my nighttime escapades for weeks now."
Kelsey rolled her eyes. "Too much information, Bird Dog." She nudged Sherri. "Change the subject, Sher. Who's your top fantasy man?"
Sherri grinned and pointed to Howie. "Come on. I live with mine."
Howie gave a smug smile. "Back at you, babe."
Nolan made a gagging sound. "Geez, you two suck."
Maggie chimed in. "You're disgustingly predictable. Always the same answer."
Sherri cackled. "Well, come on, he's perfection." She waited a beat. "And super kinky, so no need to look elsewhere."
Kelsey sputtered. "Dammit. Too much information." She jabbed a finger in Maggie's direction. "Mags, save us."
Maggie chuckled. "Well… there's a certain barista at the coffee shop on Market Road." She leaned in. "I'm not naming a name because there's a chance I might actually hook up with her."
Catcalls and whistles went out around the table.
Vas lifted a brow. "You're into women? Seriously?"
Maggie blushed and shrugged. "I'd don't know. It's a fantasy, right? I'd like to try and make it happen."
Kelsey nodded. "You go for it, Mags." She downed another shot, looking for the next victim. "Nolan. Ultimate fantasy."
Nolan didn't hesitate. "Mine's from the academy. A red hot instructor by the name of Martina Escaba. I always drooled in her class."
Howie snapped his fingers. "Oh yeah. I remember her… she was super-hot."
Marsha downed a shot and added her fantasy. "On Nolan's riff. I had it bad for my recruiter." She bit into a wedge of lime. "Hell, he was the reason I signed on the dotted line. I wanted to take him home and handcuff him to the bed for a week."
Sherri waved her finger back and forth. "Awww… shame on you Marsh. Not even through basic and you were already thinking about fraternization."
Marsha shot her a pointed glance. "The guy was smokin', Sher. I'm just saying."
A round of ribbing started and Vas brought out another bottle of bourbon.
He broke the seal and nodded toward the most senior officer in the room. "Stingray? It's your turn." He poured a shot for the man.
Stingray, Stiver Raynald, smiled. "Mine goes all the way back to high school. My chemistry teacher wore these really sexy cateye glasses and had leg that wouldn't quit."
Vas chuckled. "Did she wear those clinging skirts? The ones that show off a woman's curves."
Stiver gave a lopsided grin. "Oh yeah. I swear she had one in every color of the rainbow." He downed his liquor.
Kathi spoke up. "My ultimate fantasy is in the room."
All eyes turned toward her.
She blushed but continued. "Yeah, I'd totally do Natcho."
Nolan sputtered and blinked. "What?" He tilted his head to the side. "Why, Kit Kat, I had no idea I ranked on your fantasy list."
Her lips curved upward. "At the top, Nolan, in the number one spot."
He narrowed his eyes, downed his shot, and stood up. "In that case, I know a super-secret spot where you can tell me exactly how you see this fantasy going." He held out a hand. "Shall we?"
Kathi jumped up and grabbed his palm. "Hell yeah. Thought you'd never ask."
The couple exited the rec room to catcalls and wolf whistles. Kelsey shook her head. She totally hadn't seen that one coming.
Stiver held up a hand and everyone quieted. "Kels, you and Vas are the only ones left." He topped off her glass. "Spill it. Who's your ultimate fantasy?"
Kelsey fought the urge to glance in Vas's direction. He'd been her prime fantasy fodder since they'd been assigned to the same base. But his rank prevented them from ever hooking up.
Stick close to the truth, Kels.
She shrugged. "Eh, mine would be a superior officer." She grinned. "No one in particular, but if I'm gonna go for it, I'd have to at least break regs."
Sherri laughed. "Because…"
Kelsey finished. "Not worth it, otherwise." She cast a quick glance in Vas's direction.
Sherri high-fived Kelsey. "Kels, you never change. Always gotta push the envelope."
Stingray jerked his head toward Vas. "Okay, Batista, you're it. Who's your fantasy woman?"
Vas shook his head. "Uh uh. If I name a name, there's no fantasy anymore."
Howie called bullshit. "Yeah, yeah. Or maybe she hits too close to home, my man."
Vas lifted a shoulder. "Look, the whole point of having a fantasy is to know what you want in a person, right? What if your perfect match doesn't have the same fantasy? Make it tangible and the dream's over."
He slid his gaze toward Kelsey and she jolted. Holy shit. Did Vas consider her his fantasy woman?
Maggie nodded. "Okay, I get what you mean, but it sucks balls you won't at least give us a clue about what gets you going."
Vas settled back in his seat. "Strong women turn me on. Is that good enough?"
Kelsey leaned in. "That could be any female in this room. Care to elaborate a little more?"
Vas gave her a long look. "Not really, no." He downed his drink. "I'll let you guys use your imaginations."
He rose and gave the table a salute. "And on that interesting note, I've got paperwork to do. Later, all."
Kelsey picked up her tumbler, swirling the amber liquid. Vas played his answer almost as cagily as she had. She had to wonder if he tried to hide a secret attraction, too. Her lips quirked. Wouldn't it be crazy if he wanted her as badly as she wanted him?
She didn't know how, but she aimed to find out.
Tossing back the liquid, Kelsey placed her glass on the table and got up. "Okay, people. I've got first watch. I'm heading to my rack."
A round of waves and farewells later, she slowly made her way to quarters, her brain spinning with ideas of how to stealthily find out if she fit Vas's fantasy ideal.
Even if she didn't, she'd have a lot of fun trying to get it out of him.
Ha! Vas better run. Once Kelsey makes decides something will happen… it will happen. Good luck, buddy. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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