Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Follow Instructions

February 16, 2014


So… The Walking Dead didn't disappoint. And Chris Hardwick's Talking Dead makes me happy. LOL

Arrow is amping up the action, and true to my word, I did recap the pilot episode over on my Universes Altered blog this week. If I'm not overloaded with deadlines this week, I'll hopefully have the second episode recapped by the weekend. Or, I might hit Bitten and catch up with that one so I can do current recappage.

GAH! So many choices. LOL

Tonight's post is from Follow Instructions, a short story with a fun premise—leaving notes to amp up the attraction.

Here's the tagline:

Risa Pym and Ford Thrummond, fellow paramedics, enjoy playing one-upmanship with each other, using sexy banter to bank the fires of their attraction. A slight mishap occurs when Ford exits their squad, and Risa decides it's time he learns the ins and outs of how to use the grips properly… and not so properly.

And a snippety peek…

"Hey, Ford, how's the foot?" Risa Pym propped a shoulder on the jamb of the door leading from the ambulance bay to the common area.
Ford looked up from stack of papers in his lap. "Eh, it's healing." He grunted. "Too damn slowly."
Risa smirked. "Someone needs to show you how to safely get in and out of the rig." She pushed away from the door and entered the room. "Maybe once you're healed up, I can find some time to explain the finer points."
Ford quirked a brow. "This coming from the woman who broke her elbow playing volleyball?"
Risa laughed. "Hey, at least I won the game." She plopped down onto one of the recliners. "That's like going down in combat, right?"
Ford rolled his eyes. "Whatever you need to believe, Risa." He glanced back down at the file and made a few checkmarks.
Risa frowned. They usually had fun bantering back and forth, but since Ford's mishap, not so much. He didn't like being out of commission and she totally got that part. Hell, she almost went insane when she had to be off until her arm healed. At least he could work light duty.
Risa nodded toward the TV. "Mind if I watch? Don't wanna interrupt or distract you."
Ford shrugged. "Won't bother me. I'm used to tuning out the background noise."
Risa used the remote and flipped through the channels until she found a show about alien abductions. She'd seen the episode before and basically wanted a reason to stay and observe Ford. There had to be a way she could pull him out of his funk.
Sinking down into the cushion, she pondered how she might tempt him into being fun again. The beginning of a plan formulated in her mind—notes with funny little directions could put a smile back on his face. She could tuck them into all kinds of places—his duffel bag, under his pillow, his duty locker—where he wouldn't be able to miss her stroke of genius. And he'd know they were from her, she'd make certain.
Why not start now?
Hopping up, she pointed the remote at the TV and turned it off.
Ford glanced up. "Leaving already?"
Risa snorted. "Eh, I've seen this episode already. Guy's been taken from his home for over two decades even though he moves every two or three years."
Ford shook his head. "Maybe the metal chip they put in his head acts like a GPS device so they know where to find him."
Risa laughed. "Maybe you're onto something there, Ford." She crossed the common area and headed for the kitchen. "I'm gonna grab a sandwich. Shout if you need anything."
Ford waved her off and went back to his checklist.
Risa's lips curved. At least he'd be surprised when he found the first note—maybe enough to laugh out loud for once.
Risa will succeed in making Ford laugh… but she'll also make him moan for more. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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