Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Get a Room

Holy jeezits. Arrow blew my mind this week. My twitter feed was full of a bunch of not so great comments, but I loved, loved, loved everything about fourteen. And episode fifteen is supposed to be filled with even more bad-assery. And Bitten just keeps getting better and better. I seriously can't wait each week for the next episode. My fingers, and all other appendages, are crossed for a second season. Also read about the Flash pilot being filmed. Currently, that's the show I'm most looking forward to for next season.

I've also been enjoying seeing Jamie Bamber on my screen in The Smoke. He's so good at roles he can sink his teeth into, and playing Kev definitely gives him room to flex his acting chops. J

Tonight's post is from Get a Room, a novella where my couple gets to rekindle their old flame.

Here's the tagline:

Talon and Haim have a complicated past. When she returns and asks Haim for a favor, they're ready to act on their attraction again… except they keep getting interrupted.

And a snippety peek…

Haim opened the door and fought to keep his jaw from dropping.
Talon Lance stood on his front porch, looking fresh-faced and gorgeous as ever.
Haim blinked, not quite certain his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. Nope. She still waited patiently, one eyebrow raised, for him to kick his brain into gear and greet her.
He shook his head. "Talon." He shifted his gaze, checking the drive for a vehicle, wondering if she'd come alone.
Or if she had the husband with her.
A sleek, white coupe sat parked behind his truck. Empty, thank whatever ruled the universe. He shifted his attention back to Talon.
Her lips quirked. "Haim. Do you have a minute?" She glanced behind him, indicating he'd need longer than 'a minute'.
Haim stepped back, throwing the door open a little wider. "Uh, sure." He made room for Talon to enter, the ingrained manners his mother drummed into his head rising to the occasion. "Can I offer you coffee? Or something cold?" He closed the heavy oak quietly and led the way to the kitchen.
"Nothing, thanks." She followed along, her footfalls slower while she checked out the work he'd done over the last five years.
And he'd done a lot—stripped the interior down to the studs and started almost from scratch—new walls, floors, paint, furniture, the works. He stopped between the table and exit to the newly enclosed back porch. He'd put the finishing touches on the trim two days ago. Not that Talon would know or care.
Talon remained by the entrance to the room, standing next to the refrigerator. "The house looks amazing. Did you do it all?"
Haim had no desire to make small talk.
He nodded. "Yes." Crossing his arms over his chest, he bluntly asked. "Why are you here?" His mom's influence only went so far.
Talon chuckled. "Right to the point, as always." She moved forward, coming to a halt and grasping the back of a chair by the table. "I need a place to hold a benefit fundraiser and the camp is the perfect venue."
Maybe she would only need a minute. "No." He brushed past her, heading back toward the front of the house. "If that's all you needed…" He twisted the knob to open the door. "I've got several errands to run." He dragged the heavy wood toward him and swept his arm forward.
Talon planted her hands on her hips. "Unless you plan on walking, I've got you blocked in." She nodded toward his drive. "And I'm not leaving until you hear what I have planned."

Okay, Haim, think back and use your memory of Talon's old habits, my man. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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