Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Ghost of a Chance


Okay, no Arrow episode this week and I missed my favorite show. L But, we did have new Walking Dead and Bitten, which made me super happy. I love reading the speculation about Daryl and whether he'll fall in with those rogue survivors or play nice until he can track down Beth. I'm rather hoping for the latter. It would make a nice bookend to the episode where he more or less sent his past life up in flames.

Bitten's episode for this week has me full of anticipation. I cannot wait to see Elena's worlds collide. J Orphan Black is gearing up for next month and I'm following their instagram page with an obsession. My twitter feed is rife with speculation… to the point I'm pondering a blog post with my wish list for the season. I'll just add that to my ever growing pile of stuff that needs attention. J

Tonight's post is from Ghost of a Chance, a novella featuring main characters whose guilt for having a connection almost keeps them apart.

Here's the tagline:

Valerie Queen and Jay Pennyworth meet through Chad Adsworth, Jay's best friend. When Chad is killed in a plane crash, Valerie reunites with Jay after five years. When the chance meeting leads to a long discussion, they end up spending the night together… but specter of Chad hovering between them may be more than they can overcome.

And a snippety peek…

Valerie drained her glass and worked her way up to asking the big question. "Why me? And why now?" She set her glass on the coffee table.
Jay narrowed his eyes. "With regards to what?" He poured wine into her goblet.
Valerie rolled her eyes. "Coming back. Possibly staying. At the shop, you said you wanted to look me up while you were in the city. Over dinner, you mentioned coming back for me."
Jay nodded. "I did? Yeah, okay, I did." He leaned back against the cushion, slouching down. "I came because I wanted to see you." He met her gaze. "And maybe see if you'd be interested in something more."
Valerie tried to wrap her head around the 'something more'. "After five years? Seriously, Jay. Why would you want me? I'm not even your type." She tucked her feet under her thighs.
Jay's eyebrows rose. "My type? How the hell would you know what my type is?" He grabbed his glass from the table.
She shrugged. "Chad said—"
He inclined his head. "Ah, that explains it." He took a sip of wine. "You know what, Valerie? My best friend had no damn clue about the kind of women I went out with." Jay stopped. "No, that's not right. Chad knew exactly what kind of woman I wanted. And he told you the opposite." His lips twisted in a sardonic smile.
Valerie frowned. "Why would he do that?" The idea made no sense.
Jay slid his gaze toward her. "Because you fit the bill, Valerie. And Chad figured it out. He wasn't stupid." He placed his goblet on the table.
Valerie opened her mouth and shut it again. "No, sometimes he was smarter than anyone gave him credit for. Including me." She should've known, after spending time with Jay, how far off the mark Chad led her.
Jay scooted closer on the sofa. "He knew me the best. Would've seen right through me when he introduced us." He reached out and laced their fingers together. "Knew I'd give you wide berth because he found you first."
Valerie untwined their hands, picked up her glass and drained the contents. "Then why tell me a bunch of lies?" She paused, then answered her question. "He didn't trust me." She gripped the glass harder, pushing back the hurt.
Jay shook his head. "No, that's not it." He pried the goblet from her fingers and set it aside. "He didn't trust himself. To be the man you thought him to be."
Valerie huffed out a breath. "That's stupid." She crossed her arms over her chest.
Chad's insecurities continued to baffle her. Smart, generous, loyal, how could he think so little of himself?
Jay's lips curved. "Love can make people stupid, Valerie. Chad wasn't immune."
Valerie scoffed. "Doesn't seem to affect you." Bold, confident, and still amazing-looking, Jay couldn't have lacked for company during their five year separation.
Jay snorted. "You're so wrong. I've never loved anyone, Valerie." He shrugged. "At least not enough to take any kind of chance. I always walk away."
Valerie nodded. "Like you did after Chad's funeral?" She sighed. "I woke up and you were gone."
Jay glanced away. "I couldn't stay, Valerie. Losing Chad, the funeral, then spending the night with you… I couldn't deal with everything all at once." He met her gaze again. "Guilt over sleeping with you consumed me. I betrayed Chad and took advantage of you."
Valerie shook her head. "No, you didn't. I did exactly what I wanted that night." She moved away, sliding to the end of the couch, needing some space. "I'm insulted, no make that pissed, you think I'd let you take advantage." Agitated, she rose and cleared the glasses and bottle from the table. "Christ, Jay, I get feeling like you betrayed Chad, or more like we betrayed him, but I didn't sleep with you to be close to him."
Jay got up and followed her to the kitchen. "I'm sorry, Valerie. This, coming back and seeing you? Bad idea." He propped his hip against the island. "Look at us. Five years later and the ghost of my best friend is still between us."
Valerie whirled and met his gaze. "For you, maybe. I put Chad's memory to rest a long time ago. You should do the same, Jay."
He studied her a moment then nodded. "You may be right." He straightened and started for the foyer. "I'd better take off, get back to the hotel." He grabbed his jacket from the coat rack.
Valerie stepped out into the hall. "So, you're walking away, then?" She waited a beat. "Again?"

I seem to have a major thing for putting siblings and best friends between my main couple. The possibilities are so endless.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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