Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Hang Ten

Whew. How great did Arrow's episode seventeen turn out? Birds of Prey surpassed my expectations and blew my mind. Always love it when shows do that to me. J

Walking Dead also delivered a solid episode. I'm so ready for the finale tonight and crossing my fingers the group will all be together by the end of the episode… even though Terminus can't be a the refuge it's touted as being. Too easy, right? LOL

Bitten has one more episode and I'm dying to know if the show will be renewed. Still reading the books and there's a lot the producers can mine from the various storylines. I'll cross my fingers and hope for a green light on season two in the near future.

Tonight's post is from Hang Ten, a short story/novella about a couple who competes against each other but have a relationship. How they keep things interesting is at the heart of the story.

Here's the tagline:

Farren and Penn—professional surfers—have very different styles when competing. Farren goes for broke, taking chances with moves that others won't try. Penn is all about the physics of his craft, sometimes holding back because he can't predict everything. Two different methods, opposite ends of the spectrum, but an interesting mix when they're off their boards and out of the water.

And a snippety peek…

Farren dropped down beside Avery and kicked her feet out, letting the fire warm her toes. "Nice job today, Ave." The rookie surfer pulled a second place win.
Avery grinned. "Thanks, Farren. I caught a wicked awesome wave." She leaned closer to Farren. "Did you see Penn's ride?"
Farren cracked a smile. "Nope. I missed it. Heard it was spectacular, though." She settled her beer on the side of the chair. "He worked hard for his win." Her gaze found Penn's across the flickering flames.
Penn nodded, but continued his conversation. Farren smirked and grabbed her drink, bringing the bottle to her lips. She'd never grow tired of needling Penn about his obsession with using physics for surfing. Then again, she also appreciated his uncanny ability to calculate on the fly while riding a wave… even if she'd never admit the notion aloud. She took a long swallow of her one and only beer for the evening.
Avery nudged Farren's arm. "Do you know if he's hooked up with anyone?" Her gaze lingered on Penn.
Farren choked down the liquid. "Er… well… you can certainly ask around." She swallowed again, clearing her throat. "Or better yet, ask the man himself." Wouldn't Penn love having the rookie hot for him?
Okay, no. But Farren would have a roaring good time watching him squirm out of her clutches. Besides, Avery had a sweet disposition and loads of talent. Penn might just go for her.
Of course, Farren would do bodily harm to each if he did.
The keep things interesting part is not letting the others surfers in on their relationship. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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