Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Justice is Served


Well, my show finales did not disappoint. S.H.I.E.L.D. did deliver an awesome ending to its first season. And, guys, Arrow pretty much blew me away. The fight scene between Deathstroke / Arrow superimposed on the Slade / Oliver island one counts as one of my very favorites of the entire series. I'm so excited to see where season three goes. As usual, Orphan Black gave me tons of stuff to speculate about and think on. My love for Paul grows every time he's on the screen, I kid you not. I WANT to know more about his background. I'm also completely turned around by Helena. That chick is off the charts insane, but she's also dead on with her observation skills. Seriously, I love her. LOL

Tonight's post is from Justice is Served, a novella with suspense and a little mayhem.

Here's the tagline:

Derby Stack is a cold-blooded killer, but not by choice. She's convicted for her crime, but makes a last ditch appeal to Nate Mobius's legal firm. He takes the case and together they uncover a trail leading back to her childhood therapist.

And a snippety peek…

Derby watched the medallion spinning back and forth, listening to the monotone voice of her therapist as he counted backwards from one hundred. Her eyelids drooped and she hated this part of the sessions. At twelve, she didn't understand the benefit of hypnosis, but Dr. Mune convinced her foster mom Derby would be forever changed by the treatment.
What a load of crap.
"Derby, you're relaxed now, and open to all suggestions. Do you understand?"
Derby automatically responded, "Yes, Dr. Mune."
"Good, good." He placed the shiny medal aside and moved in closer. "Do you remember what we covered in our last session?"
Derby nodded. "Yes, Dr. Mune."
"And what was that, Derby?"
Derby didn't hesitate with her answer. "Detailed instructions on how to kill someone."
Dr. Mune smiled. "Good, Derby, very good."
Yeah, I think Derby will definitely be forever changed… and not in a good way. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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