Thursday, June 26, 2014

Banner Thursday—Busted in Bubbles Banner

Today, I'm featuring the banner for my recently released humorous, sexy romp, Busted in Bubbles, published by my personal imprint, Starry Sky Press.

For this banner, which I use as a rotating ad on my blog and website, I hoped to convey something a little playful and fun since the book is focused on what happens when Emsley discovers Rayne in a tub full of bubbles. The red background with a few bubbles seemed to fit the bill.

Take a look…

The book is available on Amazon with other e-retailers coming soon.

Next week: The Busted in Bubbles cover

Tagline: Is there anything better than a bath time romp with a hot man? Emsley Bourne wants to find out.

Blurb: Rayne McKinnon sells a lucrative security-consulting job and it's time to move on to his next objective: adding a partner. He wants Emsley Bourne, personally and professionally, and puts a plan in motion to achieve his goal. She only has to follow through with her usual tradition.

Emsley lives for the next thrill, in business and life. She's got a unique skill set and uses it to gain access to Rayne's cabin to follow through on her standard short-sheeting escapade. Imagine her surprise when she discovers Rayne soaking in a tub full of bubbles. Busted, she can either flee the scene—or join Rayne for some bath time fun.


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