Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Snippet: No Words

Do any of my readers watch Defiance? I'm totally loving the new season. The tagline of Tick, Tick, Tick seems to fit the way the episodes have been going. I'm looking forward to when everything blows up and comes to a head.

Dominion and The Last Ship are also on my must view schedule. I kind of like finding new shows in the summer to sink my teeth into. I'm also rewatching the original La Femme Nikita series from the 90s. I love that show! Oh, and Peacekeeper Wars! So much good TV right now.

Tonight's post is from No Words, a short story where my main characters have a great synchronization and find words aren't always necessary to communicate.

Here's the tagline:

Colby Mass and Webster Bishop are soldiers in an elite unit and usually go full tilt into action. But when they find unexpected down time, they discover solitude can be craved, sought, and given, sometimes in unanticipated ways.

And a snippety peek…

Webster entered the rec area and plopped down beside Colby. She glanced up from her doodling, wondering if she'd have to make small talk.
Webster nodded. "Hey." He didn't say anything else, only leaned his head against the wall, staring up at the ceiling.
Colby kind of loved him in that moment. He so rarely spoke to fill in quiet. She went back to her lame drawing, adding some texture to the picture. She cocked her head, decided she didn't like the image and scribbled crazy circles all over the paper.
Her stomach growled and she glanced toward the clock. No wonder. Almost nine hours since she'd eaten a meal.
Webster straightened and angled his head in her direction. "You wanna—"
She grinned. "Yeah. Thirty minutes until close." She crumpled up the page and tossed it in the trash can before rising from the chair.
Webster stood, waving his arm toward the door. "After you."
Colby strode forward, exiting the rec area. She chuckled quietly. In less than ten words, she'd gained a dinner partner and didn't have to dine alone. And the best part? If she ended up not wanting to chat over the meal, Webster wouldn't take issue. He'd be as content as she to consume their food in companionable silence.
He might actually be the perfect man.
I kind of love writing with stark dialog. There's a challenge in getting the point across without a need for lots of back and forth.

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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