Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Quit the Music


Argh. Super busy week so I missed the premiere of Haven and will hopefully be catching up tonight. But… I did NOT miss the opening episode of Sons of Anarchy. Holy hell. Without giving too much away, I wanted Gemma to die a slow painful death in the final frame of the series, but yeah, that's all changed. If died in the next episode it wouldn't be too soon for me. Take that as a challenge to change my mind, Mr. Sutter. Seriously.

Since I talked DC last week, I'll throw in my excitement for Marvel's Agents of SHEILD and Agent Carter. I think I'll like having Peggy take up the downtime between the two halves of AOS.

Tonight's post is from Quit the Music, a novella where my main characters have someone in common, but the person could break their relationship.

Here's the tagline:

Prosper Bates, bartender and music lover, hears Drew Langerford play and his songs haunt her. Drawn to the gorgeous musician, she falls hard for him, but when his mentor shows up, the new relationship may end before it even gets started.

And a snippety peek…

Prosper stood at the sink behind the bar and washed up the glasses from the night's business. A new musician settled behind the piano and chatted with George. Prosper frowned. Who auditioned after closing? Most of the talent came in around eleven, before the bar got busy with happy hour, to have the owner listen to their spiel. This guy, Drew something, asked to play after last call.
Rinsing the glasses, Prosper let her gaze wander over the potential new Friday night draw. Average height, with a lean build, he had dark and handsome working for him. Their female clientele would stick around for the good looks. But his hands would be the true test. Her dad always believed anyone could play, but true talent had everything to do with the magic in the fingers.
Placing the dishes in the drainer, Prosper grabbed a towel to start drying. Drew ran a few scales, getting a feel for the upright, and then he launched into a quick medley of popular tunes. George bobbed his head to the beat of the music. Prosper's lips quirked. Her boss loved upbeat, happy songs and Drew had a solid repertoire, playing continuously while she finished up and lined the glasses along the back of the bar.
George extended his palm and sealed the deal for a new piano player. After clapping Drew on the back, George made his way toward the back office and Drew began a new song, something Prosper hadn't heard. The melody had a familiar strain, but the haunting notes echoed in her mind. Prosper did some busy work, not quite ready to leave, wanting to listen to the end.
When Drew finished, he rose slowly, and met her gaze.
She nodded in the direction of the piano. "You're very good." She placed the towel over the rack. "Prosper Bates. Nice to meet you."
Drew smiled. "Drew Langerford, and thanks. I had a great mentor."
I'm having fun putting the pieces in place for this story. So far, Prosper is guiding the flow, but I think Drew is about to make his presence known in my head. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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