Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Severing Ties

I love crossovers on television. The Flash and Arrow had a character crossover this week and it was great to watch. I think my all-time favorite might be the Homicide and Law and Order crossover. Can't really say why, but that one always sticks out in my mind when I think about the various shows that use them.

I caught a marathon of Covert Affairs on Cloo this weekend and quite enjoyed it. I usually catch shows like White Collar and Covert Affairs on Netflix or when other networks run blocks of programming. I wish networks like BBC America would offer more options than Top Gear and whatever Gordon Ramsey show, which I've seen multiple times and could care less about. Honestly, with the vast library the BBC has, isn't there anything else they could put on during the day?

Enough television, tonight's post is from Severing Ties, a novella where my characters discover the true spirit of community.

Here's the tagline:

Lucky Block and Booker Severn provide all the crazy antics their small town can take. But when they finally sever ties, the community pulls out all the stops to show the couple they belong together.

And a snippety peek…

Lucky strode into the pub and stomped in his direction. "What the hell, Booker? You text me an ultimatum?" She jammed a hand in a pocket, probably to keep from punching him.
He shrugged. "You weren't answering my calls and I'm not playing the 'wait three days for Lucky to calm down' game anymore." He lifted his bottle of beer and took a nice, long swallow. "This is it, Lucky. You have to decide." Booker set the bottle on the bar and faced her.
Lucky's mouth opened then closed. Her jaw worked, indecision warring with commitment on her face. Her eyes flashed then went dark and stormy.
Booker cupped her cheek. "It shouldn't be so hard, Lucky." He dropped his hand from her face and backed away slowly.
He should have known. She wouldn't go for the long haul. Not in her make-up. They'd gone down the road and back so many times and he refused to travel the same rut-filled path anymore.
He angled back to the bar and effectively shut the door on a life with Lucky.

This one is going to be so much fun to finish. I love nosy townsfolk. :D

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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