Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Steamed Up

Another great week of TV even if a few of my shows were on break for the election night coverage. Gotta take a moment to mention Arrow. Seriously, this show keeps improving on itself. The pacing is perfect and the interweaving of past with present stays flawless. I love this show!

Finally started seeing previews for the new season of Orphan Black. It's just a small little spot with 'You Don't Own Me' playing in the background. Honestly, though? Perfection. And hopefully a small hint of what we'll be seeing early in 2015.

Last mention of television related stuff… Doctor Who. I'll be completely in the minority, but eh, I'm just not feeling the new doctor at all. I did enjoy the season finale and I always watch the Christmas special, but I can't disconnect from the fact Capaldi has played two other roles in the Whoverse. Don't get me wrong, he's a great actor, but the inability to move past his other roles seriously harshes my enjoyment of the show. This saddens me greatly. L

Anyway, enough TV. Tonight's post is from Steamed Up, a sexy short where my characters can't quite resist finding their way back to each other.

Here's the tagline:

Raina Forbes and Huck Holloway are forced to work together after a spectacular break-up. Their close-quarters job situation has sparks flying between the former couple, and shaky new relationships are tested with Huck's going down in flames. And contrary to popular opinion, Huck doesn't always play nice when he truly wants something… or someone.

And a snippety peek…

Raina plopped down onto the couch in Hector's office. "So… looks like we heading up the promo together." She shot Huck a sideways glance. "What are you gonna do if Hector wants you to walk around showing skin to sell merchandise?"
Huck snorted. "Why does it matter? He wouldn't." He kicked his feet out, settling back in the overstuffed, leather chair.
Raina lifted a brow. "Considering it's one of the main reasons we split, it matters. And you don't know what levels he'll stoop to when it comes to selling more stuff."
Huck sighed. "Look, Raina. Can we not do the whole rehash of our breakup? Our groups merged, we have to work together, but try not to make it more difficult, okay?"
She crossed her arms over her chest. "First, I'm not rehashing anything. You're gonna need to get used to Hector referring to us, namely Marisa and me, as his 'sweet ass moneymakers'." She leveled her gaze on Huck. "He says it frequently, as you already know. Can you keep your mouth shut when he does?"
Huck's mouth thinned to a flat line, but he nodded. "I don't get why you let him get away with treating you like a sexless prostitute, but hey, lesson learned. You don't need my help, right?"
Raina hated the fact he had a point, a valid one, yet Hector could be worse. Yeah, his sexist bullshit irritated Raina, but the man ran the best local venue for their sport. Why else would Huck's former boss sell out to Hector?
Huck nudged her knee with his foot. "What else?"
She blinked, confused.
He quirked a brow. "You said first… that implies something else will follow."
Shit. Yeah, something less than pleasant.
She straightened. "You know what? It's not important. At least nothing that can't wait." She rose and dug her phone out of her pocket. "I need to contact the t-shirt vendor and see if the new designs are ready." She scrolled through her contacts and headed for the door.
Why start a battle when she might not have to?
Raina likes to avoid confrontation when she knows what the outcome will be. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading.


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