Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Snippet: Unacceptable Behavior

Whew. It's been a whirlwind week, getting ready for the upcoming holiday. I think I have almost every task completed off my check list. Still doing some baking and I always wait until the last moment to wrap presents. LOL Actually, if all goes well, that will be finished up over the next three days. J

Looking forward to some TV marathons over the next week or two, with a Xmas Eve X-Files event and Five Days of the Doctor, too. I kind of wish more of my favorite shows created specific holiday shows to air on Christmas Day. That's a trend I could definitely get behind.

Just got the word that Bitten returns in February. I cannot wait!! Banshee starts in a few weeks, so that should keep me going during the brief lag time.

Tonight's post is from, Unacceptable Behavior, a novella where my main characters have a reunion of sorts.

Here's the tagline:

Blain Donahue wants to buy into a fight club and decides to invest when he meets the main attraction Roxane Kewes. He's known her a long time—since high school where she constantly got in trouble—and thinks it's great she's found an outlet for her unacceptable behavior.

And a snippety peek…

Blain entered the office and shook Andy's hand. "Andy. Glad you could meet with me."
Andy nodded toward the seat across from the desk. "Happy to do so. We're always looking for new investors."
Blain settled down into the chair and got straight to the point. "Heard you'd decided to move into other venues and I'm looking for a controlling interest." He lifted a shoulder. "Figured I'd see if the rumors are true."
Andy frowned. "It's true I'm branching out, but I'm very emotionally invested in Fight Night. I started it from the ground up and it's given me a base to launch from. I won't just hand over full control to anyone." He started to say more, but a series of three rapid knocks interrupted him.
The door cracked open. "Sorry to barge in, boss, but I need a signature. Now." A pair of female legs appeared, quickly followed by the rest of the woman, carrying a clipboard. "As in this won't wait for your smoozefest if you want me to keep running the arena for you."
Blain's mouth dropped open and he rose from his seat. "Roxane?" He glanced in Andy's direction. "You've got Roxane Kewes culling the talent?" Blain definitely wanted in now and should kick himself for not checking the employee roster before arranging the meeting with Andy.
Roxane angled her head around. "I don't just cull—Blain? Blain Donahue?" She shoved the clipboard in front of Andy and planted her hands on her hips. "Damn, how've you been?" She reached out and grasped Blain's hand, shaking it then tugging him into a firm hug. "Haven't seen you since graduation."
Blain nodded. "Yeah, five years ago. It's good to see you finally found an outlet for your unacceptable behavior." He chuckled and faced Andy. "You have nothing to worry about, Andy. Knowing you've got Roxane on your team only seals the deal for me. I'll take very good care of Fight Night."
Honestly? Had no idea where this one would end up going when I got a prompt from a friend, but I'm very excited with how it's coming together. J

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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