Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Snippet: Up the Ante

I love it when characters creep me out on television shows. The marine colonel on Banshee is a total madman and takes the mantle of crazypants from the Red Bone leader Chayton Littlestone. Gotta say, he lost points this past week, but I won't get into why in this venue. I may have to dust off my Universes Altered blog and go to town on this season. LOL

Other television news… eh, not much until this upcoming week. Looking forward to new episodes of Arrow and The Flash. Hoping for some great stuff from Gotham and Sleepy Hollow, too.

Lastly, come on February. I need Bitten and The Walking Dead back on my screen. :D

Tonight's post is from Up the Ante, a sexy short where a card game hooks up the hero and heroine.

Here's the tagline:

Mutual satisfaction starts at the poker table when Vianca Berry and Fritz Hattenfield begin a flirtatious game that ups the ante of their new relationship.

And a snippety peek…

Fritz ducked his head into the rec room. "Hey, Vi. Are you gonna be at the poker game tonight?" He'd been trying for weeks to get her to come.
Vianca glanced up from her auto magazine. "Mmmm. Not sure I'll be around this weekend. Might ride along the lake." Her lips twisted. "Gonna be cold soon and I want to get one last road trip in before the weather turns." She shrugged. "But if it rains, I'll come around."
Fritz sent out a quick request to the universe for the clouds to roll in. "Sounds great. Game starts at seven. Whiskey and soda provided. Anything else you want, bring along with you." He made an exit before he truly begged her to show up.
Heading out to his ride, he snorted. "Damn, Fritz. It's only been two weeks since you got laid. Calm down." He swung a leg over the bike and got settled.
A low growl of an approaching motorcycle caught his attention. He craned his neck and grinned. Margus rode up and pulled in beside Fritz.
Margus removed his helmet. "Hatter. Any luck on getting Miss Vi interested?" His gaze swung toward the club house. "Pisses me off you called dibs. I'd love a piece of that long, tall woman."
Fritz lifted a shoulder. "No guarantee she'll show or stick around." He started his ride. "But I'll do my damnedest to convince her we'd be great together."
And they would. Fritz had a gut check every time she got within five feet of him. From his reaction alone, they'd burn up the sheets. And Vianca didn't seem unaware of the chemistry. She played to it, keeping Fritz on his toes with sexy banter when they worked on engines.
The woman kicked ass when it came to wrenching. Fritz couldn't wait to see what she'd do in a bed. Or hell, anywhere. He certainly didn't need a soft mattress or crisp, cotton sheets.
He'd pretty much go wherever the hell Vi wanted.
And do anything she wanted, at least the first time they got together. After that, they could discuss how things should shake out.
Margus snapped his fingers in front on Fritz's face. "Bro. You gonna sit there with the motor running all day or what?" A sly smirk crossed his face. "I'd recommend leaving the fantasy behind if you're headed for the outerbelt. It's a total zoo right now."
Fritz grimaced. "Always is. But you're right. I gotta get moving or I'll be late for the meet with Chauncey." He revved the engine. "Catch ya later tonight. Probably after ten."
He shifted and pulled out of his spot, easing into traffic once he cleared the exit. He had a forty minute ride to his meeting. Thoughts of Vi would pass the time, but only if he kept them rated PG.
Maybe he'd better count mile markers instead.
For a short story, this one has been all over the place. I have a feeling the content is subject to change on a whim. LOL

That's it for this week. Happy reading!


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