Friday, March 6, 2015

Smokin' Hot—Hot and Swoon-Worthy: Down in Mexico

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Whew! Considering it's the beginning of March in Ohio and we've got snow on the ground, hot and swoon-worthy reading is welcome indeed.

This week we're tasked with posting a piece of dialog where our hero gets to take center stage and deliver a swoon-worthy line to the heroine. I can't wait to read some smooth moves from our heroes.

For my feature, I'm posting one of my favorite bits from a current release, Down in Mexico, book one of the South of the Border Series.

For a little background, here are the series and book taglines:

Mix a little danger with hot romance.

Boy meets and falls for girl. Girl 'dies' in a fiery explosion. Five years later, they meet again.

And the swoon-worthy dialog…

"Wow." She cocked her head sideways, shooting a playful glance his way. "I'm not sure you've got the right skill set to work with me."
He gave her an affronted look. "You're kidding, right?" His fingers started working on her calf muscles. "I'm handy to have around."
She quirked an eyebrow.
"Yeah, I'm great at heavy lifting. I'm also methodical, organized, and very good at finding things." He brushed his fingers down her shins and started on her feet again.
Kier laughed. "You're hired." She nudged his ribs with her foot. "You had me at heavy lifting."
He smiled. "When do I start?"


Who would turn down those skills, right? LOL

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Series Blurb: Sun, sand, and danger. International intrigue mixes with steamy romance to create hot situations—South of the Border.

Book Blurb: Kiernan Darby spends five long years playing dead. It's a life in limbo, but it lets Lars Rademacher do his job and eliminate the members of a lethal crime syndicate, Kiernan's former employers.

After discovering she's alive and well, Lars tracks Kiernan down in Mexico. Their reunion is sweet… until he reveals a pesky detail he conveniently forgot to mention.

Kiernan isn't completely safe. In fact, Lars is using her as bait to catch the last member of the espionage organization.


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  1. I know I wouldn't turn down those skills! LOL

    1. Hee hee. Me either. Thanks for dropping by!